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The Things that You Should Know about Walker Tape Ultra Hold Glue

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Walker tape ultra hold glue product is widely available on the market for the wig wearers. The hair loss issue makes the customer wear hair units to cover the bald spots. Covering the bald spots with the help of a hairpiece needs the help of glue or bond to paste it on the head of the customers. However, the customers have to know what type of glue or bond he should use for his task. The experts of the hair industry could tell a lot about these available products and walker tape ultra hold glue is one among them. Let us see some of the features and benefits of the product.

Compatibility of walker tape

The main thing a customer check is the compatibility of the product with all the base hair systems. The hair base systems are plenty in the store and they are silk, skin, monofilament, combined bases, and poly. The walker tape works well with all these mentioned hair systems that the bald man wears on his head. In case you have sensitive skin, you can ahead with the testing by a skin specialist before using the tape. Otherwise, this product works in an excellent way on all the scalp of the customer and any air system. Hence, the product is said to be skin safety for the customers whoever uses it for his wearing the hair system.

How to apply

If the customer is ready to use the walker product for his scalp then he has to clean his head thoroughly. His skin should be very clean and no dirt is seen or any sweat or oily traces. So, use cotton to clean the scalp in a well-versed way. Then you can use a scalp protector on the scalp as prescribed by your technicians. Some sort of expertise is required while applying the glue of the walker on the head. You need to blow dry till the glue is tacky. Press the glue at least for fifteen seconds so that the desired results are obtained. This acrylic-based glue product can be used solvent.

Features of the ultra gold glue

This glue is leading and reputable products on the market and hence most of the customers use it without any hesitation. This glue is a long-lasting one and has been giving desirable results to the user. The perimeter of the glue is excellent in attaching to the scalp and hence the customer has no lifting issues for a time period. You can feel free by using the glue for a long time and also the customer can go ahead further for swimming and other activities. The four weeks time bonding given by the product is the top feature of the glue product to the user. However, the customer has to clean the residue of the glue on the scalp after two weeks of using it.

Waterproof adhesive

The most important advantage of the walker tape is its waterproof properties. The customer can use the wig during showering without worrying about loosening. Most of the customers who have been using the glue for their hair systems are using solvent while removing the device. The soft bonding feature is another attractive feature of the product for the customers. It is mainly used for bonding a thick single or double layer.

Taking care while applying

The customer who uses this glue can get the demonstration from the store itself. The customer needs to take come care before applying the glue on the scalp for the wig purpose. In the case of random application, the effectiveness of the product is not realized.

One of the leading product

'The acrylic-based glue of walker is available at the store of many wig manufacturers and also online. The features of the product are well understood before applied and also the recommended level and use. This hair system adhesive is widely used by the balding customers for their wig-wearing on the head. There are no side effects are reported so far on using the product by any of the customers. The product has been one of the best on the market in terms of sales and the positive ratings of the customers. The online customers are purchasing the item for a discount feature.


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