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What’s the Difference Between A Stock Hair System and A Custom-Made Hair System?

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As a beginner, you may be dazzled by the many options of hair systems available on the market. Today we are going to compare the two options of a stock hair system and custom-made hair systems to help you decide which one to choose.

What is a stock hair system?

A stock hair system refers to hair systems or toupee that are in stock. Here at LaVivid, our factory has been in the hair industry for over 20 years. Over this period, we have discovered which toupee styles are the most popular and which people find most comfortable to wear. We have picked around 20 styles with 30-60 colors for each style, and make at least 20 pieces for each color of each style in stock. So in total, we have around 10,000 pieces in stock. As the hair systems keep being sold on our website, our craftsman keep working to sustain that number. We have chosen these hair systems as the most popular and that can meet the needs of most people.

Usually a stock hair system has a default base size of 8’’x10’’, 7’’x9’’, or 6’’x10’’, and default length of 6’’ -9’’. This means that when you receive it, oftentimes you cannot wear it straight out of the box. Different people have different sizes of hair loss, so you should cut the base to your size, as well as cutting the hair to create your preferred hairstyle. Usually, this process needs to be done in a special hair system barbers or salon.

stock hair system

What is a custom-made hair system?

On the contrary, a custom-made hair system is where you request your own hair system requirements to make a personalized hair system perfect for your specific needs and desires. You can control everything including the base size, base construction, hair color, hair length, hair density, hair wave and more. To place a custom order, you can send us your template and requirements and we can make a base exactly that size, down to the same head curve. Most of the beginners don't know how to measure the size of their hair loss area and how to make the template, please don't hesitate to contact LaVivid hair service, we will teach you the method. 

We can also make on-trend hair colors including different highlights, lowlights or a fade color.

custom made hair system

What is the difference between a stock hair system and a custom-made hair system?

Interestingly the basic materials used to make a stock hair system and a custom toupee are the same. The only difference between the two is that for a custom-made hair system, you can decide all the properties and materials of the hair system and essentially be your own designer.

Another key difference between the two is the production time. A stock hair system only takes two to three days to process before delivery, while a custom-made toupee requires longer, at around six to eight weeks production time. If you don't need your hair system urgently or you think it is worth to wait so long time,  then you can submit your request from this website:

This is the first time I will wear a toupee, which should I go for?

For a beginner, we highly recommend you choose a stock hair system to begin with. Wearing a hair system is a learning experience which may take a few weeks or months for you to discover what works for you.

After your hair system is fitted, you should take note of whether it feels comfortable, whether it is fine for sleeping, showering, exercising, how the bonding product works and how the hair holds up. If you find anything that is not what you expected, you should try other hair system bases to see if they are more suitable.

For example, if the first hair system base you try is a skin base and you find it is not breathable after a few days of wearing it, then next time you buy a hair system you could choose a lace base to see how that works.

Trying different hair systems with different bases is the best way to experience which one is right for you. In this case, a stock hair system is the recommended choice. Stock hair systems are cheap and can be delivered to you much faster than custom-made systems.

After you have become more experienced in wearing hair systems and want to design your own hair system, then that is the best time to order a custom hair piece.

stock hair system

These two models are wearing our stock hair systems and they both look really nice. With a professional styling, a stock hair system can look amazing on you.  

To see our customized hair system, please check below video. Nate is a hairstylist himself, and here is a review of a custom made hair system we made for him. 

Any questions regarding men’s toupees, please feel free to contact us at and our experts will very patiently guide you through the process.


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