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How Much Should Be Paid for Mens Hairpiece Maintenance?

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You always have to think about the mens hairpiece cost of maintenance before buying a wig. The piece's cost is just a part of the investment. The other part is the money you spend on upkeeping the system while trying to make it last as long as possible. Read on to know what must the maintenance kit of different types of wig hair include. 

Human hair   

1. Shampoo

A shampoo should never miss from the human hair care kit. It has the role of moisturizing and smoothing out the hair, helping it to escape the dryness and the brittle condition. The natural oils are irreplaceable ingredients in any human hair wig shampoo, as they make the strands shinier and softer and minimize the risk of tangles. You are recommended to wash the human hair wig once in 10 days on average. If you struggle with sweaty scalp or use an excessive amount of styling products, you should shampoo wash the wig more often. 

2. Conditioner

Human hair requires more attention than synthetic wigs, given its more sophisticated structure. Conditioning the hair is crucial in keeping it natural looking and removing visible dryness. A conditioner comes to nourish the strands with nutrients and moisture, strengthening them and eliminating breakage. Tangles are also a common event in human hair. You want to apply conditioner from time to time to remove tangles and make them less likely to happen. 


3. Blow dry balm

A blow dry balm comes to protect the hair every time you blow dry or flatten it. It adds texture, defines waves and curls, preserves humidity and protects the strands from the heat impact, creating a safe barrier. If you struggle with loss of shine, you are also good to apply this smooth lotion to bring the glow back on the wig hair. 

4. Brush

The brush is the tool that makes a difference in the mens hairpiece cost of maintenance. The point is that synthetic hair tends to preserve its initial style and is less sensitive to tangles and frizz. From this, it becomes obvious that fake hair doesn't require a brush for its maintenance routine, though, a wide-tooth comb might be needed. If speaking of human hair, a brush is indispensable, because the strands are easy to knot. A human hair care kit should contain a paddle brush that will help you to detangle the hair in critical moments and style the wig to your liking. 

Synthetic hair 

1. Shampoo

To keep the synthetic hair in clean condition, you want to use a sulfate-free shampoo that offers a deep cleanse to the hair and restores it to a like-new appearance and feel. Synthetic hair needs less care and attention, so it can resist up to 4 weeks without being washed. However, if the wig is exposed to much hair styling product or perfume, you are recommended to shampoo treat it more often. 

2. Conditioning spray  

While having enough shine and being almost tangle-free, synthetic hair still needs to be conditioned. It should be done to combat its dryness and loss of volume that comes with intense use of styling gels, sprays and creams. A conditioner has a role in moisturizing each strand, making them more durable and natural looking. You can condition the fake wig every 7-8 wears. If you are a fan of heat styling, you are good to use conditioner after each perming or flat ironing session to prevent the hair from getting brittle.   

3. Wide-tooth comb

You are good to use a wide-tooth comb with a synthetic wig. While not being as demanding as human hair, fake hair can still get tiny tangles from time to time, so you are better off to always have a comb on you. The small comb doesn't affect much the maintenance mens hairpiece cost. 

Bottom line  

Altogether, human hair has a higher mens hairpiece cost of maintenance. For one, it's because the hair care kit contains more products and its price is around $90. Secondly, you run out of the shampoo and conditioner faster due to more demand in using them. Hence, you will have to renew the kit more often. A synthetic hair maintenance kit is around $40 and, given the fact that you have to shampoo wash and condition the hair after 8 wears, refreshing the kit is not going to happen soon.  


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