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Men's Hair Routine While Staying at Home During Covid19 Period

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What's your hair routine when you have to stay at home because of the covid19? It may come across as an inappropriate question, particularly when the world is grappling with the harsh effects of the covid19 outbreak. But let's face it. A man's hair determines to a higher percent his looks. As a man, you may have mastered the right facial hair that complements your face or subscribed to the latest or trendiest beard styling. The question remains, are you adequately prepared when it comes to your hair care?

You may not have the luscious locks that you've always wanted (if you do, rock on), but maintaining a proper hair care regime can be the precursor to having that full head of healthy, strong hair. For the men out there who may be wondering what proper hair care regime to adopt during their stay at period due to covid19, here's the scoop. Indulge.

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Beware of The Two or Three in One Product

There are a plethora of hair products out there boasting of their multiple abilities. It may seem attractive to have such products with shampoo, conditioner, and body wash all in one but beware of such. Remember, when its too good to be true, run for the hills. Don't put all your eggs in one basket. Invest in a complete hair care system comprising of separate products rather than relying on a single product to work overtime. Do individual products that address the needs of your hair since all products are not made alike. Since you have time at your disposal, you can research the available options and order online. You'll thank me later.

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Avoid Washing Your Hair Daily

Contrary to popular belief, it's not healthy to wash your hair on a daily since it robs your scalp of the naturally produced oil. It's however, recommended that you should wash it down two to three times a week to avoid leaving your hair frayed and frizzy. For those with greasy hair, they should consider doing a water wash for the days they don't use shampoo. As such, you'll get to clean your hair without stripping it of its essential oils.

Steer Clear From Hot Showers

Most of us love hot showers, but when it comes to hair, you'll want to give it a rest. Hot showers are refreshing to your body but dry out the hair. If a steaming hot shower is inevitable, try finishing your session with either a warm or cold rinse so that your hair attains that healthy shiny look when it dries up.

A cold shower is also a no-no since they block the capillaries that carry essential nutrients to the scalp. Constricting them through cold showers would be detrimental to the health of your scalp. Your best bet lies in warm or lukewarm showers.

Keep Your Hair Styling Products to a Minimum

Well, they say that a little goes a long way. Too much usage of such products may weigh down on your hair strands making your hair appear flat. you may feel that your hair needs to be a bit free through the cleansing of excessive products. By adding a pre-shampoo your hair care routine, you get to absorb such styling products leaving your hair free and fresh. Make sure the shampoo fully covers your head and leave it for five minutes before gently rinsing it off while massaging your head, making sure it's all rinsed off.

Turn Down the Heat

It's a well-known fact that excess heat damages your hair strands. In as much as you may whip out an iron box, chances are you'll run for blow-dryer or borrow your neighbor once in a while. Even though it's an excellent way to dry your hair quickly, doing it often leads to hair damage. In case you notice thinning hair, it's time you ditched the dryer and allow your hair to air dry. Its recommended that if you are using a blow dryer, point it towards the direction of your hair growth, thus making your hair lie flat.

Spot Dry Rather Than Roughly Toweling it

It is a common mistake, with many of us getting it wrong. Wet hair is typically weak since water stretches the hair's keratin molecule. A rough towel dry may easily cause breakage since hair gets caught in between the towel strands and stretched beyond their breaking point. However, gently dabbing your hair in the direction of its growth after shaking out excess water and letting it air dry is usually recommended.

Wash But Don't Repeat

A myth that has been going on for far too long is that you need to shampoo your hair, rinse it off and then repeat the whole process. Double washes are unnecessary since they deplete your products quickly, but most importantly, it dries your scalp and hair by robbing it of its essential natural oils.

A comb-over is a Definite No

You might be the few unlucky ones experiencing thinning hair at the top with substantial amounts at the side. A word of advice, don't make the mistake of doing a comb-over trying to hide the patches. Not only will you look weird, but out of style. You could look into the possibilities of having a haircut that complements or suits your thinning hair.

Avoid Tight Hats

Sometimes, you just want to rock that Nike or baseball cap. I get it. But beware. Wearing tight-fitting caps not only ruins your hair by tightly pulling on to them, but they restrict blood flows that carry essential nutrients that nourish your hair. The best you can do is wear them sparingly or, if possible, settle for some loose-fitting hats.


The above are just a few hair routines you could adopt due to your stay at home because of the Covid19. However, it's essential to note that your hair is your health. Drinking plenty of water, getting ample sleep, avoiding stress, and having a healthy diet plays a vital role in promoting hair growth and maintaining that shine. In addition, don't worry too much about COVID-19, maintain a good mood, and often open windows to ventilate; avoid gathering with friends. We will definitely defeat the virus.


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