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How to Buy and Apply Real Hair Wigs for Cancer Patients

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Finding real hair wigs for cancer patients is a challenging task unless you are well informed about facilities you can purchase them from. While regular wigs are only available in hair replacement shops and online stores, medical hairpieces are found in some more places. We invite you to check all possible locations you can get a medical wig from to help you reduce the thinning appearance of your hair caused by chemotherapy.

1. Wig shops

Differing not so much from regular hair systems, medical wigs are easily found in traditional wig shops or online stores. The only aspect that should be considered when buying a chemo wig from a store is the store's availability for custom hairpieces. Yes, the best way to cover a chemo-affected balding scalp is by choosing a custom wig, because it must fit on your head exactly without causing discomfort.

Also, you would want to order a wig made of light materials that don't make up a burden for the head and have a silky base that is tender on touch and doesn't harm the sensitive skin.

Once you have spotted shops that offer customer service in your area, take to them to discuss further details, such as delivery time. style and price. Some patients may feel embarrassed to go to a wig store and talk openly about their diagnosis. If you are concerned about privacy, you can ask if the shop has a special room for trying on medical wigs and whether it has a private service for cancer patients when all details can be discussed one-on-one.

If speaking about price, chances are that you will not have to pay the full price. If you want to get a significant discount, you have to show a prescription for cranial prosthesis offered by an oncologist. This will make the purchased wig fall under cancer treatment expenses and have a part of its cost covered by health insurance.

Also, consider discussing with shop representatives about return policy. Luckily, chemotherapy doesn't cause permanent hair loss. The hair is expected to grow back fully in 5-6 months after treatment ends. So, you will most probably want to return the product back and not pay the restocking fee. 


2. Non-profit organizations

Another place you can get hold of a medical wig is a charity. Check for non-profit organizations in your area or try to get in touch with major organizations such as the American Cancer Society which can provide you with real custom wigs for covering the effects of chemotherapy. If you are lucky to receive a wig under a charity program, you will be made to pay nothing for it.

3. Churches

Churches may also have good ties with charity organizations. If you fail to find a suitable wig for you at non-profit organizations or they simply lack enough wigs, you can take to churches in your area and find out if they have got donated medical hair systems. With churches, you will be also charged nothing for the wig.

Key steps to take before starting the treatment

1. Take photos of your hairstyle before hair loss begins

To make it easier for you to find a similar haircut to your current look, you can take some photos of your present hairstyle.

2. Save a bunch of your natural hair

Before going bald, you may want to save a lock of your hair which will help you match better your wig's color to the current color.

3. Choose a lighter color

While the lock of hair may be a good guide in choosing the color of your wig, you are recommended to go with a bit lighter color than your current hairstyle. The reason is that your skin gets paler during the treatment so would want to match the color of your wig with the one of your face skin.

4. Shave the hair

Without waiting for all hair to fall off, you are recommended to shave the hair by yourself using an electric razor. In this way, you will avoid constant itching and waking up in a bed full of hair fibers.

All in all, you can buy a hair prosthesis from a wig shop, where you will get a price cut if you show a prescription. Alternatively, you can get in touch with a non-profit organization or a church and ask to donate you a medical wig.  


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