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The Other Names of ' Toupee '

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Given the growing popularity of hair systems, the toupee synonym list is enriching each year with new words that are used to call a piece of artificial hair that covers baldness. From archaic words to borrowed terms and fancy slangs, we invite you to find out what other ways of calling a toupee to exist.

1. Periwig

Beginning with the one that could be hardly heard today even in the largest wig-wearing communities. Periwig is an archaic word, used in the 18th century, that designates an ultra-fashionable piece of fake hair, usually long and curly, that was used by judges as a part of their professional apparel as well as by writers, musicians, scientists and other men from the middle and upper classes.

2. Peruke

Peruke is similar to periwig. The only difference is that "peruke" is a light adaptation of the French word "perruque" into English staying faithful to the French pronunciation, while "periwig" is a deeper adaptation tending to make the word sound more English.

3. Hairpiece

A hairpiece is a near-synonym of toupee and the two words may be used interchangeably in daily conversation. While "toupee" stands for a patch of hair used to cover a bald spot on the scalp, a hairpiece can also designate a hair system that covers a fully bald head. In spite of the small difference in meaning, the two words may successfully substitute each other in daily language use. Moreover, it would not be wrong to use "hairpiece" for toppers, extensions, wigs, crown pieces and other baldness cover options.

4. Wig

Here is another popular toupee synonym, which is actually a word used for calling any bald head coverage. The word "wig" is so popular that it is used as a general name for all types of hair systems known, including toupees, toppers, extensions, frontal pieces and crown pieces. Though amateurs would be glad to have one word for all hair systems, hair replacement experts would get angry about such an approach, as the meaning of "wig" is quite different from the meaning of other hairpieces.

If strictly following the definition, a wig is an artificial cover that is applied on the whole head, trying to hide complete baldness. Language rules do not quietly allow using it with other types of hair systems. However, knowing how flexible a language English is, using "wig" instead of "toupee" should be never considered a crime.

5. Rug

Here comes a modern slang that is used to substitute "toupee" or "wig" in an informal conversation. A rug is a piece of artificial hair that is applied on a bald scalp to hide the embarrassing issue. The slang is used mainly with men over 40's referring more to an old hairpiece that is out of fashion and needs replacement.

Aside from working as a light insult for old men, the word "rug" is also used by younger men in chats among friends to make fun of the toupee wearer, humiliate him in a playful way and make him feel inferior for having to wear a piece of fabric on his head instead of natural hair.  

6. Piece

For those who don't want to use sophisticated terms, the word "piece" helps. While having a myriad of meanings, "piece" is not recommended to use instead of "toupee" in a random conversation, as there is little chance it would be interpreted appropriately. You may use it only when the conversation revolves around such topics as hair loss and hair replacement.

7. Postiche

This is one is a borrowing from French, meaning any piece of false hair used to cover a bald spot. While being used less than "wig", "postiche" is a closer synonym for toupee, as it similarly refers to a partial head coverage.

To sum up, there are a lot of legit ways you can call your toupee. If you are tired of using "toupee", you can use its common substitutes: wig and hairpiece or choose such archaic words as peruke and periwig. If you participate in an informal conversation with your friends, you can use the word "piece" or the word "rug" which is a naughty slang that aims to poke fun at a toupee wearer. 

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