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Which Base Structure of a hair system Requires the Least Maintenance?

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For people who wear hair systems, the last thing you want are problems like having to top up the glue on your hair system every day or have a hairline that always accumulate dust. Now, we are going to introduce you to a style which requires the least maintenance.

lavivid simois toupee

This is our Simois hair system for men. Simois is unique because its base is designed with lace at the center, 1 inch of thin PU around the base perimeter and half an inch of lace at the base front. The central lace base provides a breathable and soft feel. The thin PU around the perimeter makes the hair system easy to attach and remove. The front lace provides a natural hairline. The PU helps the hair system base to be kept in good shape and make it much more durable. Simois truly has it all.


Popular questions answered about Simois:


  1.    Q: Can I cut the base if it is too large for me?

A: Yes, you can cut the base, but be careful not to cut too much. The Poly in the perimeter of the base is around 1’’ width. If you remove too much, the base structure will be damaged and won’t have enough room for the tape. This style has two sizes available and they are 7’’x9’’ and 8’’x10’’. So, remember to choose a closer size based on your needs, it is very important.


  1.    Q: Can I wear the hair back with Simois?

A: Yes, no problem at all. The hair is free style and you can practically have any hairstyle you want with the help of a hairstylist.


  1.    Q: Are there any other colors available for Simois?

A: The stock hair colors currently for Simois include 1B Off Black, 2 Darkest Brown, 3 Dark Brown and 4 Medium Brown. If you would like Simois in another color, we do have a customization service where we can get it made for you. A custom-made hair system usually takes 8 weeks to finish.


  1.    Q: There is about half an inch of lace without hair on at the very front. Should I cut this area off before applying it?

A: Yes, you should cut this lace off. The extra lace is left there on purpose during production, so the craftsman can make a natural looking front hairline. The lace also helps to keep the hair system base in good shape.

5. Q: Does the hair system come with tapes or glue?

No, it doesn’t. However, you can purchase tapes or glue together with the hair system on our website. We are authorized by Walker Tape to sell their tapes, glues, application and styling products. You can find these products in our Accessories category.

Please kindly note that liquid products like glues, scalp protector and conditioner, they can only be shipped inside of the U.S.


Which Hairstyles Can I have with Simois?

Simois hair texture is body wave and if you prefer straight hair, you can use a blow-dryer and a roll comb to straighten it a little bit. The hair is free style. With Simois, you can practically have any hairstyle you want with the help of a professional hairstylist including quiff, the modern slick back, a side part, long hair brushed back and even more.

men's hairstyles

Want to know how Simois actually look on a person? Check below picture. Jadson is wearing LaVivid Simois hair system. 

simois toupee

The reason why we take this hair system as the one that requires the least maintenance is that for a base like this, you only need to apply tape or glue onto the poly in perimeter and the lace front. So you can leave the big lace in the center free of anything on it. So when you remove it, you only need to remove the hairline and the tape or glue adhesive on the thin poly in perimeter, so it will be super easy. 

Still have questions about this style or our other styles? Feel free to contact and our experts will be more than happy to help you. 


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