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Which Hair Fall Remedy Male is More Effective?

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Why is my hair falling out?

If your hair starts falling out, you have to search immediately for hair fall remedy male to prevent going completely bald. Hair loss can be caused by many factors. It can be a genetic condition, a scalp infection, over-styling, or a vitamin shortage. Hereditary hair loss occurs when you have a family history related to this condition. This process is irreversible and there is no prevention available that may keep it in check. It occurs with aging, regardless of the fact that your hair was healthy in the past.

A common hair loss cause is iron shortage and poor nourishment of follicles, which are in charge of keeping the hair in place and generate its growth. If they fall short of iron and vitamins, they become sensitive and unable to provide firm support for hair fibers. The hair may fall out also due to some medication side effects, such as antidepressants, anticoagulants and drugs containing much vitamin A that make the follicles weaker.

Over styling where men use harsh chemicals to dye and condition their hair, as well as curlers and straighteners, can also be a trigger of hair loss. Excess of chemicals and excess heat make the hair sensitive and cause its loss.

Spot baldness vs complete baldness

Hair loss occurs in several stages and can be of some type. Not all men who suffer from falling hair become completely bald in the end. Many go bald only in one area of the scalp, while the hair elsewhere remains in place. This condition is called spot baldness and is easier to treat than complete baldness. Complete baldness relates to a total hair loss and is considered the last stage of a long-lasting process that can take from several months to several years.

Luckily, before getting completely bald, you have the chance to stop the hair fall and make the hair grow again. There are some ways you can treat hair thinning and loss and prevent a spot baldness grow into a full baldness.

What is the best hair fall remedy male for spot baldness?

When it comes to spot baldness, there are many remedies that can help slow down efficiently the hair fall and stimulate new growth. A common remedy is to apply essential oils, such as lavender, on the bald area. The oils absorb into the skin, reaching the follicles and nourishing them. You can also use products that are always at hand, such as onion and coconut oil to stimulate hair growth.

If speaking of medications, minoxidil is recommended for stimulating hair regrowth. Washing your hair twice a day with a shampoo containing minoxidil can help you stop the hair loss and promote the growth of new hair fibers.

In case you go bald in only one area of the scalp, you can cope with baldness by wearing a hair system. Toupees and toppers are wig mini versions that are applied on a spot that is affected by hair thinning or hair fall. These hairpieces can be applied either using clips, liner tapes or liquid adhesive. They can be used for both short-term and long-term wear, depending on your needs. You can check out the collection of toupees from, which is an online supplier of hair system replacement and maintenance services of the highest quality.

What is the best remedy to cope with complete baldness?

Unfortunately, at the point of getting completely bald, you can barely do anything to make the hair regrow. While some men are ok with their new appearance, others may feel embarrassed and want to regain the hairstyle they had in the past. However, there are no medications that can stimulate hair growth, and even the remedies used in fighting spot baldness have also little chance to succeed. So, the best hair fall remedy male in case of complete baldness is wearing a hair system.

Lavivid provides a wide choice of hair systems imitating various hairstyles and having various colors and sizes. You can find blonde, brown, grey toupees, along with such hairstyles as curly, straight, slicked-back, afro curly, long hair, Indian and more. To ensure that you get exactly what you need, the supplier offers a custom design for your hairpiece.


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