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How to Make the Choice Between Permanent Wigs and Hair?

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When you suffer from baldness, the first thing you need to do is to choose how to fight it - using permanent wigs or hair transplantation surgery. In this article, we will provide a better insight into permanent hair systems and discuss their advantages and disadvantages in combating hair loss comparing to surgical hair restoration.

How fast the result is achieved

Well, speaking of results, both baldness-fighting methods provide a comparably fast improvement. Drugs and home remedies imply a long-term treatment course, which means that the first results appear after some months. When it comes to wigs and hair transplantation, they solve the problem significantly faster. Truth be said, hair transplantation is a complex process that may require some weeks more for the hair to get used to its new place and for scars to heal. So the perfect looking scalp will not come to you instantly, as it does with wigs, which just require to be put on and your balding spot goes away.  


Since it is not directly attached to your scalp, a hair system needs more attention and care than transplanted hair which is nourished via follicles. If you wear a wig, you will have to adopt a maintenance routine that implies: washing, conditioning, moisturizing, detangling, adding shine and defrizzing the hair. If you fail to stick to this routine, which is actually more tedious than the human hair care routine, you will experience a fast-drying, breakage-susceptible and dull-looking hair that will have you replace the wig quite often and pay a lot of money.

Opportunity of styling

Permanent wigs are said to offer limitless styling, allowing you to choose any haircut, especially if you use a natural hair wig. The market is also diverse, offering the chance to choose from a wide variety of hairstyles according to your preference. When it comes to hair transplantation, there is no styling choice from the beginning. You need to wait for the hair to grow, then enjoy the opportunity to style it the way you like. If the hair graft survives the relocation and grows as a regular fiber does, you will be able to style your hair after some weeks.


Offering a permanent victory over baldness and implying more effort to be carried out, hair transplantation is far more expensive than a wig. Though not ensuring the restoration of your head of hair, but rather being an artificial coverage, wigs are cheaper, being a perfect option for people with a tight budget. You can also opt for a permanent hairpiece if you have a sensitive scalp that would not be able to resist the invasive surgery that leads to temporary scars and side effects, such as redness, itchy skin and inflammation. 

Activity limiting

A big disadvantage of permanent wigs is that they limit some activities that can be done with transplanted hair. For example, you can't do activities that imply direct contact with water, such as swimming and surfing, otherwise, water will weaken the adhesive, causing the hairpiece to fall. While taking a shower, you will also have to keep the wig far from water by wearing a protective cap. You are also not recommended to perform intense exercising while wearing a wig because sweating can also lead to reduced glue bond.


Being a non-invasive option, wig-wearing doesn't come with serious risks. You may experience some itchy skin in case you have an allergic scalp or infections which only may occur if you fail to stick to the wig care routine. Hair transplantation provides more risks and side effects, such as severe scarring, inflammation, headache and nerve damage. Needless to say, that hair restoration procedure is more painful than wearing a wig. Even if your skin is numb during the surgery, the pain feeling will appear and persist over the next days after the procedure.  

To sum up, permanent wigs are an effective way of fighting baldness instantly, without feeling pain and without spending much money. Still, you would want to choose hair transplantation if you look for a permanent solution for combating hair loss. A hair grafting surgery will not only restore your hair fully but will also allow you to style your hair the way you want, practice intense exercising and swimming and spend less time on maintenance.



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