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How to Choose the Best Hair System?

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Hair Replacement Systems are famous for being a reliable, non-invasive solution for all your hair loss problems, but most importantly, it is semi-permanent. Meaning, you have all the freedom to take it off anytime you want! There are many advantages if you have the perfect hair system, but to have the ideal hair system, there will be a long process of trial and failure, know that it will all be worth it! So you want to get yourself a hair system for the first time to get rid of all bald spots that male pattern baldness gave you.

These hair systems look and feel like natural hair, which is almost undetectable from the naked eyes if it is done correctly. The best thing about these hair systems is that they blend in amazingly with your real hair as they match your actual hair color, density, style, texture, etc. This helps in making men who feel wrong about their baldness, feel better about themselves.

We have established that it looks fantastic on you, but how does it feel on your scalp? You have different options to pick for the base of hair systems for the best and most comfortable feeling for your scalp to enjoy the feeling of having hair once again with no worry or fear or discomfort. Brands like Lavivid Hair mastering the art of Male Hair Replacement Units offers you the most significant variety of hair systems available for everyone, looking for a solution for their hair loss anywhere in the world. Lavivid Hair offers you four kinds of hair replacement system base. Each designed for a different type of feel and use. In this article, you will understand which hair system base will work best for you and your scalp type.

So it can be a tad confusing to select the base and color and style for your hair system when you are doing it for the first time. The good news is we can help you simplify it by asking you a few basic questions, and the answers will tell you what hair system base you need. These questions are a few factors to consider to understand why choosing the right support is essential.

How many types of base materials are there for Hair Systems?

hait system type

There are mainly four types of base materials used for making hair systems.

Lace Base Material: Gives you a very light feel on your scalp, it is the most breathable and gives the airiest think to you.

Skin Base Material: This base material gives you the most realistic, skin-like feel and is super transparent.

Mono Base Material: It is more reliable than the most base materials, is durable and easy to maintain.

Silk Base Material: It gives you the most vivid scalp look.

Question 1: Is your skin oily?

Well, you must be thinking about what does it has to do with your hair system base, but if your skin is oily, the probability of your scalp being oily is equal and remember back when you used to have hair, did your hair used to get oily very soon? If that's the case, you need a strong adhesive with a skin based hair system to give you a stronghold and a longer reliable bond.

Question 2: How Sweaty are you?

If you think it is a stupid question and that it depends on the weather, you might be wrong. Some people tend to sweat a lot, while some people barely sweat. If you belong in the group of people who sweat a lot, then you need to go for something breathable material as a base of your hair system. Lace as a base material is the best match for you; it is breathable, helps with the sweat, and keeps intact.

Question 3: Will you attach your hair system with glue or tape?

Seemingly this shouldn’t make any difference if you attach your hair system with glue or tape, but it does. Some bases can work with just glue, and some with just tape when they don't have enough surface area to support tape, you need to have a stronghold liquid adhesive. So if you have a preference on the glue or tape to attach your hair system, you need to pick a base that goes well with that preference to make the best out of your hair system journey.

Question 4: After getting the hair system installed, how often will you remove it? Daily, weekly, monthly.

This is something that needs to be well researched on. Even though these hair replacement systems are semi-permanent and can last for months, if you are someone who would want to remove it often, then a breathable hair systems base cannot bear the stress of applying for more than a maximum of 6 times. If you plan to remove and attach it many times, then the skin base for your hair systems is recommended. They can be used many times without damage.

Question 5: What is the environment of your work?

Some people work in harsh environments with proper attire for work while others stay in air-conditioned rooms. If your uniform consists of hats on your head, then the material you choose for your base should be strong enough to be able to deal with pressure, sweat & humidity. Think about your work environment as that is the place you spend the most time in except your home and then decide what will be the best fit for it.

Question 6: Are you going to maintain your hair yourself, or will you need a professional?

Many men take their hair system maintenance seriously and visit a professional time after time to support it. Simultaneously, others do not invest so much time and energy in it and master the application of hair systems themselves. If you belong to the first type of people, you can have a very delicate base material for your hairpiece, and you can make it work, but for the other kind of men, we highly recommend you to get a more durable base material.




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