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The Experts Recommendations of Hair Systems for Old People

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Nowadays, more and more people choose to purchase a hair system online. However, without seeing it in person or touching it, it is hard to choose a hair system just through pictures. Today we are going to talk about which types of hair systems are designed especially for old people. Let’s hear experts’ opinions on this.

When it comes to a suitable toupee for the elderly, two factors are the most important deciding whether it looks natural and people can tell. They are hair density and hair color.

Hair Density

For old people, it is credential to choose a low density. Usually 50% - 90% will be the best suitable density range.

When you choose to go with a custom made hair system, then you can ask the supplier to make whatever hair density you want.

If you choose to go with a stock hair system, then what types of hair systems have low density hair? Here at LaVivid, we have lace hair units and poly hair units that have low density hair.

For lace hair systems, above 3 hair systems have low hair density and they are Thor, Helios and Ares. Helios has 90% density, Ares 95% density and Thor in 105% density.

Check the above 3 pictures, from left to right, people are wearing our Thor, Helios, and Ares hair systems. By checking how the hair systems look in person, you can check whether this is the effect that you are looking for.

Hair Color

Usually old people have gray mixed hair or total gray hair. So when you pick a hair system color, you can refer to your existing hair or your beard.

To pick a hair color, you need to decide two factors which are your basic hair color and the gray percentage. For the basic hair color, is it black, brown or blonde? For the gray percentages, we have 10%, 20%, 30% and all the way to 80% and 100%.

In below pictures, the person in the left picture is wearing 365 color which is dark brown with 65% gray hair while in the right picture, the person is wearing 1B20 color which is off black with 20% gray. Hope these pictures can give you an idea of what these gray mixed hair colors look in person.


Generally, when you pick the right hair density and hair color, then the hair system will look natural on you. Then what you need to do is to pick a hair base that you feel is comfortable.

These are the lace hair systems that are recommended for elderly people. Below style is the best poly unit that is recommended for old people. 

poly hair system for old people

If this is still hard for you, please feel free to reach out to us at and our experts will help you out.


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