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The Introduce of Blonde Frontal Hairpiece

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A blonde front hairpiece is for people who have blonde bio hair and having the problem of receding hairline. A lot of people are experiencing receding hairline but also has healthy hair on the top, crown area, both sides and the back. In this case, you no need to wear a normal 8’’x10’’ hair system. Instead, a frontal hairpiece is a better option.

Base Size and Shape of A Frontal Hairpiece

Above frontal hairpiece is a custom made one. The base size and shape were made exactly matching the wearers front hairline shape. To place a custom order of a frontal hairpiece, it is better if you can send us your template, so we can make a base matching your template exactly the same. If you cannot send in a template, then you can measure the area like the below picture to show the size you need.

Hair Color

color ring

It is important that the hair color of the frontal hairpiece matches your own hair. If it doesnt, it will be very obvious that you have two different hair colors on the head.

To make the exact same color, it is better for you to send in your hair sample. Or you can pick a color from our color ring.

Front Contour of the Frontal Hairpiece

Then you need to decide what contour shape you need for the hairpiece.

These are the required information to place a custom order of a blonde frontal hairpiece. If you want one, contact and we will provide a quote based on your specific requirements. 


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