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The Reason and Tips on Using Tape Adhesives

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Today I’m going to share something about using tape adhesive. I will introduce how to tape up a hair system that you have cut and you are ready to install on your head using tape as opposed to a liquid adhesive. 

The Reasons for Me Using Tape

Now let's talk for a second about the tape. Why you might want to use tape? For me, some of the pros, some of the cons, so I personally love tape and use tape every single time. The reason for me using tape is that I prefer tape because tape adhesive seems to hold much better for me in high heat and doing a lot of exercises. The fact that it's bonded onto this actual tape seems to keep it in place, and I'd never get any leakage and glue that's coming down my forehead, which I've experienced before on some of the liquid adhesive bonds that I've done before. I've never had that problem with a tape adhesive, it holds very well, and it holds for a longer period of time on my scalp. 

One of the disadvantages that people don't like about tape, though, is it's not quite as imperceivable as a liquid adhesive. It's a little bit thicker and at the front hairline when you're trying to get an absolutely believable look. That's a small distance that the tape kind of elevates the hair system off your head can be perceivable. 

I also think that the beauty of tape is that it's very, very easy to maintain, remove and put back on again. You can do it really in minutes, and it doesn't necessarily take a long time to do. A liquid adhesive, on the other hand, does require a little bit more work and a little bit more cleanup on the back end. 

Clean the Base of A New Hair System before Glue/Tape Application

And it's notable, though, that when you get a new hair system, you always want to clean the base. The reason for this is because often a hair system coming from a factory will have a silicon coating on it, which will make it nearly impossible for any tape or any adhesive to stick to it. If you try to stick it to it, it will not really bond to your hair system and the bond the adhesive will fail. I've had this happened to me before when I did not know this, and it's not a fun experience. I went to go get my haircut and the hair system kept pulling up. Actually it’s not a big deal, and it was an easy fix. You just had to wash down the base and that solved the problem. 

How Do I Use the Tape?

So generally with taping, I used two different types of tape. I use a roll of tape, and then I use actual contour shaped tape strips. Now the contour shape tape strip are really great for adapting to a hairline, that you are moving through the rounded parts of your hair system such as the front hairline or in the very, very back, as opposed to using a straight roll of tape. You can do it with a straight roll of tape, but you can save yourself many, many minutes by just using some contour tape. I use a combination of tapes, as I keep up this unit and you can do the same or you can just use regular rolls of tape.

So I have hair system right here and many different types of tape. Now what I like to do because I have this CC contour hairline in the front, I like to use these tapes which come in specific contours. Contour tapes are all designed to just make it so much easier in your life. Now I’m going to tell you what I'm doing to make it really easy. 

I basically just matched up this piece of tape to the exterior of the hairline. I plunked it down like that, and then I gently pushed down into it. It sticks a little bit more. If you have a little bit of the tape, that kind of comes up. I left it like this right here. I peeled up a little bit, taped right here, then peeled it. And I was about to apply another piece of tape in this general area. 

How to Fix Hair Been Stuck underneath the Tape?

Now it is not a big deal if you get a little bit of hair stuck underneath your tape. If you misplace the tape like I did, you can peel it up. If you do get a little bit of hair stuck underneath your tape, all you have to really do is use some isopropyl alcohol. Spray some isopropyl alcohol on the tape itself, and you will be able to pull out some hair you can also adjust it. 

I used some roll shape tape on the side of the unit. The reason I used roll tape is that this is a long straight shot right here. But here's the thing with this tape you'll see right here. I kind of had a bit of a corner right here.  So I basically took some scissors and I just made an incision in the tape. And I slightly bent it to the curvature of my hair system base. So if you have a template that has some bends in it, this is all you have to do. Is that you just take some scissors, and you snip it. Then I'm making my way around the entire unit.

Using tapes on the exterior skin base method works beautifully and it will keep your hair system down and locked in for a long period of time. If you can, it's much easier to put tape or even a liquid adhesive on a Poly membrane and get it off than it is on a lace. 

Here we are. We're now in the back right and it looks like we have tape on both sides. So I was just going to peel up the ends of the tape, and the reason that I did this is that I was about to overlap some of the tape. Now that we have this right here, I had a little bit more tape that I was about to laid down. It doesn't have to be on the very, very end. It's OK if there's a little bit of space and between the edge and your actual tape right here, especially in the back. The base is not as important because this is going to blend in so easily with your natural hair that it's not going to be an issue.

Can you see that little bit of tape that went over? All I have to do to correct this is spraying a little bit of alcohol and the hair will release from the tape like so, and I just folded it back over on to the Poly.

One of the biggest things that you're going to have to contend with about hair systems is not freaking out. I'm going to be really stressed. Feel like you're messing up your hair system or that something has gone wrong. If you don't stay calm and this is the number one thing I see with people who are beginners is that they just tend to freak out a little bit, and we don't want that. Now that we actually have this unit taped up, we can actually take all of the backing lining tape off. 

Now we have taped all along the exterior. Everything is good to go, and this is such an easy way to apply a hair system to your head. It took me only a couple of minutes to put tape all around this, and then as long as your head is clean and prepared, that's really all there is to it. The next step is to put it on your head. 

Tape Is A Good Choice

I totally recommend tape for anybody who is a beginner and someone who is really looking for an easy, fast and very practical way to apply a hair system. I think this is something that everybody should give a try unless you absolutely don’t want that. One hundred percent believable look, it's also a lot less maintenance with tape. I live in a very hot and humid environment where I sweat a lot. I can go ten to fourteen days easily without any reason stalls and have zero problems, and it's still quite adhered to my head. So this is why I like tape a lot, and I recommend most people trying to use tape as they get going.


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