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Why Are Thin Skin Hair Systems Gaining Popularity?

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Each one of us either goes through a hair loss experience or hear about someone going through it at least once in our life. If you are suffering from hair loss, you have a better understanding of how it feels seeing your hair strand on the pillow and in the shower as well. Nothing breaks your heart more than brushing your hair and looking at the brush full of your hair. Once this happens, it won't take long before you start noticing that your hair has started thinning and, soon enough, you will notice a receding hairline. This experience is nothing less than a horror story because who doesn't want to look good and style their hair aesthetically every day. 

After hours and hours of research, most people choose to go for a hair replacement system since it is not only cost-friendly but also durable, realistic, and comfortable to wear. Even though there is a lot of information regarding hair fall on the internet, a lot of people are still confused about what hairpiece is more suitable for them since a lot of factors can determine different characteristics of the right hairpiece. For example, the weather is one of the most important aspects to consider when investing in a hair replacement system since it affects the durability and maintenance of your product.

It is also important to understand your hair fall since it happens differently for everyone. Some people start losing their hair from the back while others might experience hair loss from the top of their head. A lot of people also experience receded hairline but, that usually comes in the end. Before you opt for a hair system, figure out if a full hairpiece is more suitable for you or a partial hairpiece will be enough to cover your hair loss or bald patches. But most importantly, you need to understand what kind of a hairpiece base will be the perfect choice for you because this is what makes all the difference.

Today, people from all over the world is facing hair loss and, this is why a large number of different bases for hair replacement system are available. You need to find the one that compliments your lifestyle while also maintaining your personality. If you want a breathable and realistic base that will also give your scalp some room to breathe, a poly thin skin hair replacement system is the best choice for you.

Why Is Learning About Hairpiece Bases Important?

If you want to choose a base that's specific to your needs, you need to understand different kinds of bases, and how they work. Nowadays, most people decide to go with a poly base since it provides durability and offers a realistic look. Poly commands also enable you to maintain, clean, and attach your hairpiece and ensure that the natural look of your hairpiece is not compromised.

Thin polymer hairpieces are also known as thin skin hair replacement systems. These bases are extremely thin, and this is one of the major qualities that make these hairpieces the preferable one among users. Thin skin hairpieces are also stretchy and are quite easy to wear since it fits perfectly on the curve of the head, making it incredibly realistic. It offers a natural hairline and completely blends with the existing hair due to its natural appearance and realistic characteristics.

Why Are Polymer Thin Bases More Preferable In Hairpieces?

Since breathability of the scalp is a major issue when using a hair system, a lot of people prefer a thinner base and polymer bases are the best candidates when it comes to a thin base for a hair system. These bases are available in different qualities and can be looked into once you contact your hair specialist.

If you are looking for thin skin hair replacement systems that look natural and feel realistic as well, the best place would be to go with the Coeus Men's Hair Replacement Unit Full Thin Skin Base hairpiece by Lavivid. This hairpiece offers thin poly skin all over the base, which makes it the best option for someone who wants an undetectable look. It also uses Remi hair that means it is donated by a donor and, what better option is there than to use human hair if you want an overall natural look.

Maintaining Skin Thin Hair Replacement Systems:

The most outstanding factor about using a polymer thin skin base is that these hair systems are the most durable out of all the others. And not only that, but they are also easier to maintain since a thin base prevents adhesive to seep into the material and stick to it.

Most of the people who use poly thin skin hair replacement systems prefer to use tape or a strong adhesive because taking it off won't be a problem. Even though the adhesive doesn't seep in, it does not affect the secure and safe hold of the hairpiece on your head in any way and provides you with a lightweight and easy to carry hairpiece that would last you a year or so.

Lavivid's catalog features Coeus Men's Hair Replacement Unit that gives you the perfect combination of a thin skin base filled with Remy's hair. This combination is a heroic feature of this hairpiece without any doubt and will provide you with a fantastic experience with a breathable scalp and a secure and robust bond. 


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