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Reasons for Men Prefer Hairpieces over Other Hair Loss Solutions

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Many men start suffering from severe hair fall from a quite young age. Scientists have done loads of research regarding hair loss. Modern medicines have come up with many solutions for hair loss. These medications can help slow down the hair loss as well as help regrow some of the lost hair. Hair loss, however, is an entirely natural process that will occur no matter what. These medications can only be so effective until the body gets used to them. A permanent and non-risky option that can help cover up hair loss is men's toupee hairpieces.

What is a hair replacement system? 

Hair replacement systems are a modern retake on toupees or wigs. They work similarly, except that they are incredibly realistic as well as enduring. Many reasons give hair replacement the upper hand in the hair industry. The many aspects of the hairpieces that make them the better choice are: 


Hair systems come with the feasibility of availability and time. They can easily be bought pre-made and save you a lot of time. Moreover, they are available in such a vast collection that it’s incredibly easy to mi\x and match it to your original hair. 


Another advantage these hold over hair transplants is how inexpensive they are. Hair systems are relatively cheap and can easily be switched once worn down. If you decide to invest in a more expensive hir system, it would be cheaper than a hair transplant and show you better and very long-lasting results. 


The hair system's comfort depends on how strong the hold is and how secure the hairpiece is. While other aspects come into play, it all comes down to the comfort level that will satisfy a wearer. The comfort also depends on how you are wearing a hairpiece and how much air circulation you need. Other aspects such as attachment methods and the density and length of the wigs also matter. 

How to get the perfect and the most comfortable hair system for yourself 

The key to a perfect hair system is comfort. Despite how realistic the men's toupee hairpieces are and how beautiful and stylish they look, all of that goes to waste if it's not comfortable. There are some ways that you can ensure that you get your hands on the most comfortable wig out there. The comfort depends on the person's preferences and experience. The wig companies make sure that tons of different varieties are mixed and matched, so every quality is available in a blend with other qualities. 

The three (3) main things that should be taken into account when aiming for comfort are; 

Attachment method

Many methods can be used to attach a hair system. They all vary due to base material as well as the solvent or material you sure for securing the hairpiece. For extended wear, you can use a liquid adhesive. These require an expert hand and will last you for almost two months. Liquid adhesives need to be removed with a special solvent. The next method is double-sided tape. While these too offer long intervals of time, they are easier to get off and are also easier to install. They might not be as strong as a liquid adhesive, but they are far easier to wear and remove. The last and the easiest method that the most inexperienced people can do is the metal clip attachments. They are temporary hairpieces that are usually worn daily and require very little expertise. With some finesse and messing around, you can achieve the perfect look right at home. 

Base material 

The base materials can make or break the hairpiece for you. There are many technical aspects such as thickness, durability, and breathing space that differentiate between different base materials. The first type of base material is lace. It's harder to work with since it's so sheer and delicate but gets the perfect results. They are easy to blend and have healthy airflow.

Next up is the polythene compounds. These have a silicone-like texture that molds beautifully into the shape of the skull. The color of the base is customized according to preferences and skin tone. Silicon bases tend to be more heavy-duty, but they have poor airflow and are a bit cheaper than lace bases. 

Knot type 

The hair is knotted in to the lace base or injected into the base material. There are several other, methods but these two are found in most men toupee hairpieces. The different types of knots that are used in hair systems are single knots, single split knots, double knots, and double split knots. These vary in how the knots are formed, and it affects the wig's airiness and how strong the hold is. You need to be sensitive and cautious when brushing your hair systems since these knots can get caught and get damaged. 

By looking further into these technical aspects of a wig, you should easily be able to determine what sort of hair system you are going to go for. It’s so feasible that these wigs come in every single combination out there and can style in many different ways. 

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