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The Advantage of Lace Frontal Hair Piece and The Guide to Wear One

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Frontal hair piece - a remedy for baldness in the most visible part of the scalp

A lace frontal hair piece is used to cover a bald spot. To be more precise, it deals with the baldness in the front area of the scalp, which is the most visible type of baldness. This hair system is used by people who suffer from frontal hair loss. So, if you notice that your hair in this area falls, while the rest of the hair stays in place, you should buy a frontal hair piece.

Advantages of a frontal hair piece

1. Cheaper than a wig

Frontal toupees are among the cheapest hair systems. Since they target only a small bald spot on your scalp, their price is significantly lower than the cost of a wig, which covers the whole head.

2. Application is easier

The application of such a hairpiece is easier and takes less time. Being smaller than a wig, frontal hair piece doesn't imply much hassle with glue application, clip stabbing, tape sticking and other difficult and long-lasting operations. Similarly, removal requires little effort.

3. No additional weight

A frontal hair piece weighs almost nothing. This is why wearing it will not feel like a burden and your head will not get tired. 

4. You can remove it every day

Being easy to remove and apply, frontal toupee is perfect for people who don't like to wear it all day, but rather prefer to remove the piece when in their intimacy at home.

5. Little maintenance required

Maintenance of this hair system takes less effort and is cheaper, as you have to spend less money on care products. You will also need to wash it less often than a wig.

Why should I choose lace?

Lace frontal hair pieces are breathable, preventing excess scalp sweating and making you feel comfortable on hot days. Lace is also a versatile material, allowing it to be applied in two ways. The first one is tapes, which are used by men who prefer to remove the toupee at the end of each day. Glue is also acceptable, yet you are better off choosing it only if you wear the toupee permanently because adhesives have a longer-lasting hold time.

Tips for wearing a frontal hair piece

1. Use alcohol to remove greasy stains before application

Before application, please consider to use alcohol to remove grease and glue residues from the scalp and hairpiece. In this way, you ensure that the glue adheres better, reducing the risk of the toupee falling off or slipping.

2. Guide yourself after a line to make application easier

While applying the front toupee is easy, the only little issue that may appear is making the hair piece blend with the existing hair. To accomplish this task you need much precision. If your precision is not so good, you can draw a line in the needed place on the scalp and follow it when applying the toupee to ensure that the hair piece and your natural hair blend seamlessly.

3. Choose a transparent tape

When choosing the tapes, keep in mind that they can be either transparent or colored. Colored tapes are used when they are applied on the inside of the wig. Thus, they are invisible and their color doesn't really matter. With frontal hair piece, you cannot use colored tapes because they are visible. This is why front toupees need to be used only with transparent tapes. In this way, the tape will fuse with the color of your skin, making it impossible to detect.

4. Don't apply too much glue

Many people think that the more glue they apply, the stronger the hold. It is not really so. If you apply too much glue, it will burst out when you press down the toupee. This is why, keep the amount of glue moderate to avoid wasting time on clean-up.

5. Remove visible glue stains

Many times, glue stains remain on the scalp after application. If exposed to light, the glue shines, which does not look very good. To avoid ending up in an embarrassing situation, you are recommended to check carefully if there are any adhesive residues left on the scalp before you go out.


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