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How to Maintain the Hair System Color?

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Have you noticed that after a certain period of wearing, your hair system color will fade a bit? First of all, color fading is normal and there are methods that can prevent it or delay this process. How much lighter it will become and how long time after wearing it you will find the fading happening depends on how often or how much you expose your hair to the suns rays. Oxidation is the major cause of color fading.

Why Oxidation Can Change The Color?

Oxidation damages the outer layer of the hair shaft. The processed hair used in hair systems is very vulnerable because most of the protective cuticle layer has been removed. Therefore it is likely to fade faster than growing hair. Through a similar chemical process, synthetic hair also oxidizes. You don’t have to worry too much, because oxidation is everywhere in your life.

How to Prevent Color Fading?

It’s important to wash and condition your hair with products that protect color and minimize oxidation. Try to use shampoos and conditioners that are sulfate-free or specifically designed for color protection; they will balance hair color and prolong vibrancy. Conditioning is very important to keep the hair soft and pliable, but it also helps prevent premature color oxidation. There are many different brands of shampoos and conditioners that contain UV protection available on the market and some are easily getting through Amazon. Also, there is a leave-in conditioner that can protect the hair color too.

To avoid the hair system hair been damaged by the suns ray. You also can wear a hat when you are going to spend a long day outdoors under the sun.

Also, swimming in chlorine contained pools also can change the hair color. So when you go to swimming, firstly saturate the hair system hair with chlorine-free water and wear a swim cap. This can effectively reduce the damage from the chlorine water.

Want to know more about how to care and maintain your hair system? Or if you have any questions about mens hair systems, please feel free to contact us through and our experts will guide you through every step.



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