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Why Don’t LaVivid Sale Plastic Molds

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Many customers reach us for plastic molds recently, because they want to use these plastic molds to make templates, or use it as a tool to help them trim their hair when applying hair systems. Many YouTubers or other influencers have done such kind of videos before, showing people how to use plastic molds to make templates. Actually this is not an entirely unworkable solution. And our customers are curious if there’s any possibilities that they can get if form us, or even willing to pay for it. 

The answer is NO. You don’t need to pay for it, it’s totally free if you really want it. But, here is the thing, we don’t suggest you to use it while making templates. The reason is very easy to understand--the curvature. 

As we all know, the curvature of the plastic mold does not fit everyone. You could imagine there might has a gap between your scalp and the plastic mold when you’re trying to match them. 

If you do use it to make a template, and you mail such a template to us. How do we customize your order according to an inaccurate curvature? If we do so, it will not be a perfect custom order. What we suggest, is to use plastic wrap and tapes to make a template and mail it to us. The template made of these materials will best fit the shape of your head. 

Some people might ask, can LaVivid cut a plastic mold for me according to my base size so I can match it with my head when cutting the excess hair off? Yes we can, but we still suggest you to go to the barbers or any of our partnered salons to figure it out. 

If you do want some molds to have a try, please contact us: Or if you don’t know how to make a template yourself, we will show you the e-courses and guide you throughout the process. 


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