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The Advantage of Hair System Compared with Drugs or Hair Transplant

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Today we're going to talk about why I actually chose out of every single hair loss solution that is out there I chose to go with a hair system.

It seems that hair systems are kind of viewed as being the end of the road, the very last solution people would consider. I think that people consider hair systems as the worst option out there which I actually don't think is true. If it was true I probably wouldn't be using it.  

Let's talk about each of the different options that are out there as well as my personal story.  So I started losing my hair probably when I was about 20, 21. I really started to notice it was when I came back from a rock climbing trip in Europe. I was gone for two months. I came back and I was with my girlfriend at a party and my friend Patrick came up to me and says ‘hey Jake, it looks like you're kind of losing some hair in the back of your head like at the crown’ and I was like ‘No there's absolutely no way’. I was in complete denial. My father has been bald my entire life. It's something I always was afraid of and I really feared and it was starting to happen right through my 20s. 

My Experience with Rogaine

Probably when I was about 24, I tried my first solution and I tried some Rogaine and it didn't work for me.  I actually thought I had an allergic reaction to Rogaine after using it for about three to four days. Turns out it might have been this kimchi which is fermented vegetables that I tried to make at my house. I actually had like a huge swollen face. It was like a week-long it was scary but funny. Looking back at it, turns out I wasn't actually allergic to Rogaine but anyways that kind of stopped my pursuit of all things curing hair loss. 


Skeletal micro-pigmentation I believe is really for someone that wants to have a buzzed head look. Its kind of basically shaved but they want that shadow that shows the hairline. It's a good look and it really works well for people and it gives that impressionable silhouette of where your hairline should be if you've lost your hairline. However, this doesn't work for me and I don't want it because I don't really want to have a shaved head that's just not the look that I'm going for.

Minoxidil and/or Finasteride

I think it's a great choice if you're just getting into this stuff and to experiment and if you're at the beginning of your hair loss but really I had lost way too much for minoxidil to have a true effect to do something really great with my hairline. It was just too late because I completely lost my front hairline and it was very thin on top. Finasteride can have sexual side effects and I started to feel some of those when I was taking finasteride. I had been on it for about a month and I started to feel sexual side effects and to me, it's just yeah just not worth it.

Hair Transplant

The cost of getting a hair transplant is not cheap. Even if you do it overseas like in turkey which has like a hair transplant industry. It is much cheaper than the united states, however it's still very expensive. Also the fact that I have lost so much hair already that I have a good donor area in the back and it's thick I guess but I have thousands and thousands and thousands of graphs probably that would need to be done in order to have anything that was somewhat desirable. It's just not worth it to me to spend thousands of dollars not have great hair.

Why I Chose A Hair System

It is right for me because honestly, I think this is one of the unique things about a hair system is you can really have like the best hair that you've ever had. You can have the best hair instantly which is crazy. I can go to a salon I can say I want this look and they can give it to me just like that.  I mean I can basically make my hair instantly shorter or instantly longer which is kind of a cool perk too. It makes you very dynamic. Now I constantly consistently get amazing compliments on my hair that people love it that people think it's lush and then I have a really great hairstyle.

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