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Reasons for Skin Based Hair System is Better than Men

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Male pattern baldness can appear in many patterns, from a receding hairline to a balding spot on the top of your head. Thinning sides or hair loss in patches can also occur. Dry scalp, irritation, and other skin conditions can also be caused by pattern baldness. While the only solution for the skin condition is taking proper care, there are more workable solutions for hair loss. 

Why are hair systems so versatile? 

Hair replacement systems are a modern twist on what we know as wigs or toupees. They are much more natural, feasible, and acceptable to the general public. Compared to other solutions for hair loss such as medicines, surgeries, or organic remedies, hairpieces are much more convenient, have 100% results, and will probably cost you less. Another highlighting aspect of hair systems is that they are a long-term investment. Even at their low cost, with proper care, they can last you for years. Additionally, they come with the luxury of unlimited variety and experimenting.

The reason for their unlimited versatility is the sheer demand for it. As more and more people look into wearing hairpieces to cover up hair loss, new and creative requirements surface. Hairpieces vary in many ways, from the basic color, texture length, etc., to more technical aspects such as the kind of base material, attachment methods, and production or procurement of the hair.

The most important part that needs to be accounted for is the base. If you don't find the base comfortable, the hairpiece will essentially be a waste of time. This raises the frequently asked question that is thin skin hair system vs. lace. 

Both come with their unique functionalities and benefits, but thin skin hair systems won the race in many cases. We will discuss the qualities of both base materials and understand the hair system's technicalities. 

Lace Based Hairpieces 

An elegant lace hair system is comparatively soft and undetectable. It is lace or a finely knitted mesh fabric that is quite popular as a non-surgical hair replacement option. Hair is hand-tied onto a fine multifilament synthetic lace or thread in this situation. This system is very breathable, and another benefit is that the scalp is not exposed when wearing the hair system. Most people who prefer lace-based hairpieces are beginners who don't have a lot of expertise in dealing with hair systems. No matter the attachment method, lace hair systems are built strong and are easier to handle.

While comparing thin skin hair system vs. lace, a fair amount of people liked the lace base; however, quite a few mentioned little drawbacks, for example;

Lace bases get dirtier earlier and need to be cleaned more frequently. Often it's hard to get the product out of the base due to its absorbent nature. They think the fabric's quality doesn't allow a lot of adhesive; you need to use as little adhesive as possible, which can be tricky for inexperienced people. Despite the fact they are meant to be for beginners, lace pieces tend to be expensive. 

Thin Skin Based Hair systems. 

Thin skin bases are manufactured from a mix of different compounds and polyethylene; it is a mix of plastic and silicon in easier terms. Skin bases are frequently used in Hollywood. Therefore, they are available in many different qualities and renditions. The skin thickness can vary depending on the price and how dense you want the piece to be. However, since men's toupees tend to have shorter hair, they don't get too heavy anyways. Skin bases usually have looped hair injected into the base. These pieces are pretty firm and can last you up to 4 months with proper care. Their most mention-worthy aspects are how lightweight and natural they appear. Due to their similarity to the skin, even touching an attached piece won't give away the fact that you're wearing a hair system. Their smooth, sleek material also keeps it from getting dirty and therefore doesn't require a tedious cleaning process.

Think skin hair systems are incredibly delicate and need a careful and expert hand to handle it. They can rip, break or attach wrong quite easily; therefore are usually used by professional experts. While the knots in the base do allow some air, the skin-based hair systems aren't the best at providing circulation in the system. People have sometimes complained bout how these are hard to wear in a hot or humid climate due to the breathability issue. The base material is incredibly delicate and is quite prone to tearing and wasting the hairpiece is not handled with care.

There has been a recent spike in favor of thin skin in the thin skin hair system vs. lace competition. The reason for this increased interest is the most transparent think skin bases that companies are now offering. These transparent bases not only blend in but will also are great for receding hairlines. The translucent bases are constructed from a special kind of polythene that helps circulate the air better and makes it appear more natural and comfortable. 

According to our experts, while both options hold significant benefits, thin skin hair systems hold some good attributes for people with some expertise and experience in the field. You can order your perfect thin skin hair system on our online store


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