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The Importance of Knowing Your Hair Density

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Knowing your hair density allows you to choose the maintenance products and select the hairstyle that suits you most. In this article, we will give an insight into this important topic, explaining what hair density is, how to measure it, and how to make your thin hair denser.

What is hair density?  

Hair density is a metric that describes the number of hair fibers per square inch of the scalp. Though having a pretty easy definition, hair density is often confused with hair thickness, which has to do with the width of a single strand of hair.

How to measure hair density?

Well, to start with, there are 3 categories of density that describe a person's hair: low density, medium density and high density. There are some ways you can measure how dense is your hair.

1. "Ponytail thickness" test

If you happen to have long hair, you can resort to a trick that will help you avoid counting the endless number of strands one by one. What you have to do is to tie the back hair in a ponytail and measure its thickness. If it's around 2 inches, you have low density, something around 3 inches makes up for medium density, while 4 inches and more means that your scalp 

2. "Take a look at the scalp" test

If you are not blessed with long hair, you can assess the density of your hair by looking at the scalp through the existing hair. If you manage to see the scalp skin without moving the hair apart with your hand, you have low-density hair. While if your hair totally covers the scalp so that you hardly see it, you have dense hair.   

3. Photorichogram

Aside from homemade tests, you can try a professional procedure, called phototrichogram, which involves taking a high-quality photo of your hair and assessing it both quantitatively and qualitatively. The analysis is carried out by a professional and it takes faster than counting the strands one by another.

What is this important?

Once you know your density, it is easier to make a conscious decision on which hair products to use. For example, highly dense hair is compatible with heavy products such as: styling gel that helps keep the shape of the hair more presentable and moisturizing creams and sprays that allow to preserve the moisture inside hair strands. The weight of products does not affect the hair, as it is distributed evenly on each strand.

When it comes to thin hair, though, the heavy product weighs down the hair, because the pressure on each strand is huge, which increases breakage. This is why, once you have found out that you have low-density hair, you must get rid of heavy styling products (gels, creams, serums, conditioners) immediately and switch to lighter ones such as leave-in sprays and dry shampoos.  

How to increase hair density?

You cannot treat low-density hair if it is caused by genetics or a medical condition. In any other cases, you can reverse the hair thinning process through natural methods that include:

1. Fenugreek seed

Fenugreek seed is packed with antioxidants that destroy free radicals. Free radicals damage follicles, reducing their support for hair strands and increasing breakage, which leads to low density of the hair. Moving on to application. Let the seeds soak overnight. The next day grind them into a paste and apply it at the hair roots. Let it sit on the scalp for 1 hour and then rinse with cold water.  

2. Aloe vera

Aloe vera is rich in nutrients that nourish and strengthen follicles, improving their support for hair fibers and minimizing breakage, which ultimately has a positive impact on density. Apply the aloe vera gel on the scalp using gentle motions and leave it on for 1 hour. After that, rinse with cold water.

To conclude, knowing how dense your hair helps you choose the right hair products. If your hair is low-density, you should use light products that don't weigh the hair down, while a high density is compatible with heavy products whose weight is distributed evenly on each of those thousands of strands existing on your scalp. Finding out that you have low-density hair may also act as a motivation for you to increase the density of your hair. You can do it using various remedies, some of them being: aloe vera gel and fenugreek seed paste.

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