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Why Men's Wigs 18th Century Are still Popular among the Bald People?

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Men's wigs 18th century are very popular due to their unique features. In those days, people who wore wigs believe that hair systems reflect their personality. So, they had a strong desire to wear the hair systems that gave them abundant happiness. Different people from various sections wore the wigs they like to establish themselves. Especially, customers belonging to high-class professions had the habit of wearing sophisticated wigs. The 18-century wigs are made using animal hair and also human hair. Animals like horses and goats are commonly used for the purpose of making new wigs. These wig units had a huge demand among bald customers and look, oriented professionals. 

Men's wigs 18th century 

The main features of the wigs used in the 18th century are 

Fully bottomed wigs are used by many customers in those days. The wigs are lengthy and curly mostly for the customers. The doctors, judges, and lawyers have used special wigs like square-shaped ones. 

Side rolls wigs are also famous among the customers who lived at that time. These buckled wigs are majorly worn by professionals from many fields.

Also, the bushy top hair systems are very popular among young customers. This type is even popular nowadays also. 

Long queues and tousled hair units are widely used by people who worked in government offices in those days. 

The above features of the men's wigs 18th century are enticing a lot of people in those days. They wore it not only for the hair thinning issue but also for their better look. 

What is the price of men's wigs? 

in common, the wigs of the 18th century the cost of wigs for men is about $400. This wig price is meant for a full-bottomed wig and had a good demand among the customers. However, buckle shaped hair units cost less than the bottomed wig and is about 250$. The price of the wig is fixed for the synthetic types of wig units. The shop or the technicians who made these wigs also delivered comb to the purchasing customers for the task of attaching the wig to the head. The customers are given excellent tips about using these wigs by the experts who make wigs. The supply of styrofoam head along with the wig adds value to the product.

The wigs are powdered in those days for keeping the wig white in color. The wig powder is also used to keep the hairpiece colored, but most of the customers love keeping it white. Men wear wigs mainly to give mature look in those days. So, they selected these hairpieces to cope with their expectations. These hair systems gave a decent and high-class look to the users. The users of these wigs had felt mentally high due to their appearance. The self-pride and confidence are high among the customers who were wearing the hair systems. The powdered wigs lost their popularity soon at the fag end of the 18th century.

Why the 18-century customers did not like animal hair unit?

The 18th-century people slowly disliked the hair systems that are made of animal hair. The animal hair does not fit into the expectations of the bald customers because the wig had lice. Hence, the customers are slowly turned towards human hair made hair systems. The human hair units were found majorly among the customers due to their original look and the absence of lice. The clean and perfect human hair replacement systems enticed the customers a lot. These hair systems have given maximum revenue to the wig makers.


The trend of wearing big powdered men's wigs 18th century had begun to lose its popularity after some time. The trend slowly lost its shining feature and most of the males had started to wear short hair units without powdered form. Wearing wigs has become fashionable and popular in western countries mainly. Not only males but females of the 18th century had been wearing attractive bushy wig units like males. The cost of these units remained the same as we discussed above. In some fields, wearing wigs has become their uniform for males. Later as time passed on this trend declined among the wig-wearing customers in all fields including government servants. These wigs had given abundant importance in the life of people in the 18th century.


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