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Why Many People Choose Human Hair Hairpieces?

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The debate about the competition between synthetic wigs and human hair wigs goes a long way. But after thorough research and experience, it can be safely concluded that a human hair wig is the best option if you are going for a natural look. The human hair wig is available in the market in two different forms: the front lace and the other with the full lace.

Among men, the front laced one is more common and, it is the most preferred one due to its durability and comfort. You only have to attach the hairline with your forehead, and it's done. To make it a perfect fit, you will need to give it some time to take its place. The only drawback is that the wig will look perfectly natural from the front but maybe detectable to some people from the back. In contrast to that, the full lace wig made by human hair is more natural and stays in place way longer than any other wig. It is not only undetectable but will also make you feel confident about your looks without worrying about your hair replacement system.

Based on its origin, there are different characteristics of human hair hairpieces. The most prominent one is that some of them may be heavier than synthetic hair since synthetic hair hairpieces are made up of plastic fiber. These synthetic wigs may be lighter to carry but can never give you a realistic look that human hair wigs can.

Longevity – When sufficiently cared for, human hairpieces maintain their healthy look longer than the fake ones.

Styling- Even though it is not advised to use too many products on synthetic hairpieces, human hair wigs can endure styling hair products easily.

Heat - Likewise, you wouldn't have to stress about going near heating systems such as hot, exposed stoves and fireplaces if you have a human hair hairpiece.

Dye – Human hair hairpieces allow you to dye your wig in whatever shade you like, but it is still recommended that you do not dye it too many times since doing that will damage the natural look of your wig.

Natural styles – You can style a natural hair hairpiece any way you want. Since you don't have any restrictions on styling your hair, you can choose a different style every day. This is one of the key factors that makes it so realistic.

Natural feel – One of the most amazing feelings is to run your fingers through a human hair wig. It feels very natural since it is made up of human hair, after all.

Breathability – Due to the sheer lack of breathability, carrying a synthetic wig will make your scalp sweat. Wigs with human hair help with this issue more effectively.

Even though human hair wig can be a bit more expensive than fake ones, they are undetectable to the naked eye. If you are going for a realistic look, this is the only option worth investing in.

Taking Care of Hairpieces and Wigs

You have to take care of your hairpieces, just like your own hair. Maintaining human hair hairpieces is remarkably similar to how you care for your natural hair. You have to comb or brush your hairpiece every day and, to make it more durable, you should use shampoo or any other specified product to clean your wig at least once a week.

One more thing to consider is that unlike your natural hair, your wig doesn’t produce oil. To give your hairpiece a shiny natural look, you may use products that have oil in them to maintain good health. There are several different products in the market that you can use to clean and wash your wig, but it is important to consult your clinic to find out the best product for your hair replacement system. You can also choose a hairpiece with a blend of human hair and synthetic hair if you want to take advantage of both types.

How Frequently Should You Wash Your Human Hair Wig?

It is essential to understand that hair replacement systems or wigs don't need to be washed as much as you wash your natural hair. It only depends on how often you are wearing your hairpiece and if, for some reason, it got dirty and must be washed. Washing your wig too much can affect its health and can cause irreversible damage.

 If you wear your hairpiece every day, you should consider washing it once in 15 days but, if you use different products like gels or mousses on your hairpiece, it is better recommended that you wash it once a week. But if you don't wear your hairpiece every day, you can wash it once in a month or so.

It is suggested to do a 'quick wash' on the hairpiece for those wig carrying men who engage in swimming or vigorous sports activities and work up a sweat. Rinse the wig with a tiny amount of shampoo, and then use a product with moisture to give your wig a natural shine.

Human hair hairpieces are, no doubt, the best option for anyone out there who wants to give their confidence a boost while also feeling comfortable. This is a one-time investment, but it is important to maintain the health of your hairpiece to increase its durability. You can find a large variety of human hair hairpieces at Lavivid that will surely satisfy your needs.

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