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Try to Choose A Lace Hair as Your New Wig

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The lace hair is a kind of special wig. A lace wig is a special wig made on the bottom of transparent lace. When you are old, more or less, you may require a toupee, because you're starting to lose your hair. Now that the lace wig is the popular wig. So you can take it into consideration. The bottom of the full lace wig is full of lace, while the front lace wig has transparent lace only where the hairline is obvious. 


The lace hair is hair hooked on a lace mesh. In our store, we use Swiss lace and French lace to hook it. There is usually an elastic mesh at the top of the head to suit different head shapes, and it is basically a lace headband made by human hair. Of course, the quality is high so that you can use it for a long.

The lace wig is a wig designed to cover the entire head and mimic natural hair growth. The wigs we provide can be used in different types of hairstyles. In the process, the hair is ringed into a flesh-colored lace material that forms a natural-looking hairline and hair division when glued around the head. 

Main advantages

This material of this kind of wig is exquisite but usually blends well with the skin. French lace toupee is thick and is usually used for people who wear wigs for the first time. Some wig masters integrate Swiss lace with French lace around the hairline and incorporate French lace into the rest of the wig to reach a compromise between detectability and durability.

Classification of toupee

Lace wigs were once mainly used in film and drama production, have recently attracted consumer interest, with many wig masters selling customized full-lace wigs. Don't think that wigs are easy to make. They are a lot of categories and need a lot of programs.

The lace hair is divided into a full lace wig and a front lace wig. The full lace system is geared for those who truly demand the best attributed to its nature. The lacing system is lightweight, breathable, and comfortable, you can barely feel it when you are on it. We have the best lace wig in the market. We are confident that you would love our full lace systems!

The lace system can also be divided into chemical filament and human hair. The wig of chemical filament is made of chemical fiber. But the price is rather high. You can come to our shop. Come and try some wigs you like. You will find a new world. 

The feature of our lace hair

Real hair
First come into our store, you may find that the price of our product is higher than others. But that is because we use real hair to make the wig. To ensure the quality. So the price is a little high. We have all kinds of color for lace wig. The mainstream colors like transparent, light brown, medium brown, dark brown. We have it all.


The price is relatively cheap. The wigs in our store have high fidelity, not easy to tie knots, and are convenient to change hairstyle. So choose us is absolute your right choice.

3. After-sale service
Our products are softer and look more real. And we are a big chain-store. So if you have any problems, you can come for us to solve it. We are happy to help you.

The kinds of wigs in our store.

We dare say we have all kinds of lace wigs. For example, you can find all Swiss lace toupee replacement systems for men, all French lace wig replacement systems, French lace front with large poly side and back hair replacement system, French lace center and front poly around hair replacement system, and so on. We believe that we can satisfy all your needs.

Why choose our item?

When you start to need a wig, choose a good one. Because you can use it for a long. And you will also look cool with it. Now we strongly recommend our new lace wigs. It just cost dozens of dollars in our store.

Come for us, you can have less trouble. You need not go to so many shops and spend so much time. We all know that time is money. So don’t hesitate and make the change. You can use our wig for a long time. We only have activities in spring. You can be more cool or beautiful after wearing it. So come and get it, dude.  


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