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Why Pre-cut Hair Systems Are Popular among Customers?

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A Pre-cut hair system is a hair system that you buy from an online company and it comes with the base been cut to your size or the hair been cut into the hairstyle you want or both. There is always extra cost for this pre-cut service which is $40 for the base and hair pre-cut at LaVivid. Here is why Jake Kent, LaVivid’s spokesperson, thinks a pre-cut hair system is amazing. 

For a long time, I've actually been avoiding using any pre-cut hair systems because I've been thinking that I need to have a stylist to get the absolute best job. Today I want to cover some of the potential reasons that someone may actually want to get a pre-cut system. I don't think that they're right for all people and all situations but for the right situations, I think it can be really nice.

Number one I think and this is actually something that I've changed my mind on recently is pre-cut hair systems are great for the person who is just getting into hair systems. Why do I say that because it takes extra steps out of actually having a hair system installed by yourself if you are not using a salon? Having to cut your hair system for the first time is a really stressful thing and it feels like I was doing it wrong the entire time and I was worried if I wasn't going to get the hair system exactly correct if my template was a little bit wrong. I've actually messed up a couple of my hair systems by not getting the template completely correct and I've kind of thrown off the balance of the hair system a little bit so there's definitely merit to having a professional to do that. For them, it's probably so easy to do it.

The next reason I think it's great for beginners is that you don't have to go see a barber or stylist or anything like that so if you don't want to go and have somebody install your hair system and cut it which is probably the most expensive option or you don't even want to tell a barber yet. You might feel a little bit insecure about going to see a barber having them work on your hair system. A Pre-cut hair system is probably your best option when you first get a hair system. It's already pre-cut and then you already basically have a hairstyle that being said it's probably not going to be perfectly blended if you're looking for a blended haircut though. Most of us when we first start wearing hair systems we opt for a very short style or something that blends in with short sides because most of us don't have much up on top of our heads so, therefore, we've been keeping our hair short on the sides that being said if you do get a pre-cut unit what I do recommend you do as a beginner.

With a pre-cut unit, they're going to cut a unit to your exact size and they're going to cut it to the relative right hair lengths they might not get it exactly right because they haven't fit it on your head so that being said a disconnected look is probably a little bit better of a thing to shoot for. 

I also think it's great for another crowd of people that are pretty well seasoned and they're well experienced inside of wearing hair systems because what they can do is they can pretty much get anything out of a hair system that's been pre-cut for them because they can either make those tweaks themselves to the haircut to get the blending proper or they can go see a barber and pay 10-15 bucks to get it done as opposed to seeing a full-on stylish and paying 150 bucks they can make those adjustments to your actual hair and you can be on your way you don't have to walk in there with having you know a freaking like Viking style haircut on the top of your head because you know you're wearing an uncut unit you can walk in with pretty much the right haircut and just ask for a little bit of a shape up. 

When you get your hair system pre-cut, you actually can segment off your unit and say like hey this hair right here is six inches this hair up here is eight inches this here hair up here is 12 inches. Those probably aren't going to be the exact numbers they'll probably be much shorter than that but that way when you send in for your pre-cut unit you can give them a diagram of how you want your hair cut with different lengths.

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