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Reasons for You to Choose Black Men Hair Piece Man Weave

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Black men hair piece man weave is very difficult to make. More than 30 processes are required for wigs from customization to completion. The most difficult job is manual crocheting, which requires more than 50,000 individual root knots and several different crocheting processes. In Lavivid Hair, it takes about a month to crochet a wig manually, which requires the vision and endurance of the hair weaver. 

This is also the reason why hand-crocheted wigs are much more expensive than knitted wigs. Due to factors such as geographical environment and physiology, African hair not only grows very slowly, but starts to curl when it grows a little longer, and the hair quality is thinner and thinner. weak. Normally, real hair is only one or two centimeters long and is fluffy. 

When it grows to a certain length, it will fall off and grow again, and will not stay long at all. In Africa, because it is difficult to distinguish between genders without wearing hair products, Africans love to wear wigs. The artistic full-length braids we see are also woven with wigs and real hair, and the shapes are different. Almost all different hairstyles are wigs, which need to be taken care of in a professional barbershop. 

The overall effect of black men hair piece man weave is more realistic, and the air permeability is also very good. It is a recommended choice for friends who need to wear wigs frequently. However, the difference between real human hair and wigs is also very big. Did you know about it when you bought it? 

The first is the hair quality of the wig, there are also good or bad. Some use high-quality braided hair that has not been perm-dyed. This kind of hair-crocheted wig will have a higher texture. It looks smooth and feels as smooth as silk and looks very natural. 

Some use the broken hair collected by the barbershop or the hair that has been dyed more frequently. This kind of hair damage is more serious, so the effect will be poorer and it is not so durable. 

Good wigs are exquisite. The same is full of hand-woven real human hair wigs, some of them look good, like a glimpse of their own, but some people feel ugly too ugly. There are reasons for this.

One is the degree of simulation of the wig technology, and the other is the wig's treatment of different areas and hair thickness changes. These details are often overlooked by everyone, so they often spend a lot of money, but the wigs bought are not good-looking.

In addition, because different people have different face shapes, ages, temperaments, and even occupations, the hairstyles that can be controlled are different. Therefore, it will also affect the wearing effect of the wig. Some people use full-head wigs, and some people are suitable for partial wigs on the top of the head. You have to find the most suitable one to look good! 

So when everyone buys all black men hair piece man weave, don’t choose blindly. Make sure to shop around in advance and learn more about it. It’s best to go to a physical wig shop to try it on. If you feel satisfied, you can buy it. Lavivid Hair's custom wigs are invisible and unmarked, comfortable to wear, allowing you to regain confidence and bloom a youthful demeanor. 

Products are not only distinguished by superiors and inferior but also good and bad. Lavivid Hair's hand-woven wigs use high-quality real human hair, and they are crocheted one by one by a professional hair weaver, so the sense of reality is very strong. Pull the hair apart, you can even see the hair. 

Whether you have hair loss, a high hairline, baldness, thin hair, gray hair, or scars, you can use our wigs to restore your hair volume. Lavivid Hair hair can be individually tailored to the needs of each consumer. Provide weaving and reissue service. After careful trimming, hot dyeing, and another hairstyling, the final hand-woven wig will perfectly fit your image and temperament, allowing you to regain confidence and charm! 

Lavivid Hair has been working hard to make her hair well and real for many years, hoping to bring a different wig-wearing experience to the majority of hair friends. A good life starts from the "first". Lavivid Hair's My Passion One "Summer" activity is in full swing. You can enjoy a gift if you consult and make an appointment!


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