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The Reason for Most People Choosing Bun Hair Piece

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The bun hairpiece is always a great choice to make with your hair and it will never be a disappointment.

It will always be the best choice on those days when you are in a hurry and not able to work on your hair. Those are the days when you wake up and have little time to fix yourself like when you are traveling on a tight schedule. The bun is always on hand to provide you with a quick fix.

With its simplicity, you can have several ways in which you can work around it. These are styles that you can work on from the comfort of your home and do not need a stylist.

Today, we shall explore the different ways and styles that you can work around your bun hair to provide you with that exquisite look that you always desire.

The messy hair bun

hair bun

This is the style that declares how you woke up! It appears effortless and indeed it is! It is so easy to fix that you can sleep in it and have it great in the morning. That’s how simple it gets.

The first thing to do is to create a ponytail that you achieve by flipping the head upside down and pulling up the ponytail. When you do this, you will have created a good enough volume at the crown. The next step is to twist the ponytail around the base and have the bobby pins secured safely so that they hold on tightly.

Lastly, use hair maintenance tools like the styling comb to bring down the complete look. You can find a variety of tools here

The half burn up

The half burn up

Lately, this style has been very common and for a reason. It provides a good chance to pull the hair off the face when it is still showing off your hair’s lengths.

To fix this style, you should start from your ears where you part the hair in a diagonal manner looking at the crown. From here, have the top section pulled into a ponytail that is rather messy which you should secure with a hair tie. To have the hair look more, you can pull about three pieces of hair from the front with a gentle tug. Henceforth, you can have the ponytail twisted to a bun with secured bobby pins.

Low and messy

Many people love this style for its romantic and polished looks. If you have been keen to observe the latest hair trends, you will have noticed that it is common with the royals. Having it on makes you look like a royal!

To have this one fixed on you, start by parting your hair from the middle or from the side that is preferable for you and easy to work from. To get extra volume, you can tease your hair at the crown for the best results. Leave out a section of hair at the front of your eyes after you pull hair into a low and messy ponytail. To curl the front section, use a curling iron to bring the hair at the section together. Before completion, make sure that you leave the hanging sections in the bun and have them draped slightly.

Sleek Top Knot

This is the best hairstyle for special occasions because it brings out your outfit and other bodily features more than it does the hair. It will bring out your beautiful earrings and which will be easy to notice.

With hair products from brush through your hair and dampen it by spraying it. From here, apply gel and brush through it to remove any blemishes. It is best styled when being held upside down. Create a ponytail by brushing hair into the size and then have the hair tie secured at the head top. To remove any bumps, you can use the end of your teasing comb.

It’s a fairly simple process that will take you just a few minutes.

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You can surprise your wife or girlfriend with the bun hairpiece and we shall be in hand to support you.

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