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How to Choose the Best Extended-Wear Adhesive?

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If you want to wear a hair system on a permanent basis, you have to choose an extended-wear adhesive, like ultra hold glue, that would help keep the wig in place weeks and even months, without the need to reapply it again and again. Ultra hold adhesive has a holding capacity of a minimum of 4 weeks being considered one of the strongest and most reliable extended-wear glues. It is resistant to extreme weather, sweating, and greasy scalp, making it a perfect option for almost all users of hairsystems.

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What hair systems are compatible with ultra hold glue?

Ultra hold adhesive works great with any kind of hair system. Still, it is said to provide better bonding power with lace bases and toupees. The glue is said to hold tighter on lace that on poly and be less messy because of which many users choose to apply this adhesive for long wear.

When it comes to toupees, they are smaller in size than the rest of the hair systems. And while wigs cover the whole scalp getting a large contact area that increases the hold, toupees don't have this opportunity, covering just a certain bald zone on the scalp. This is why there appears the need to provide the toupee with a stronger adhesive to ensure that the bonding power is high enough not to let the piece of fake hair escape while walking against a strong wind or when rubbing the scalp.

What are the advantages of ultra hold adhesive?

There are a lot of reasons why you should use ultra hold adhesive. First of all, it is considered to provide the longer hold among extended-wear adhesives, and, what is more important, a stronger bonding. This type of glue sticks excellently to the scalp, giving no chance to the wig to move. No matter it's windy outside, it's raining or your girlfriend is teasing your hair playfully, the wig or toupee will not move an inch.

What you will be also happy to see in ultra hold adhesive is that is waterproof. Yes, it means that you can walk in the rain and not worry that the hair system will soon detach. The glue proves excellent resistance to moisture, which makes it an ideal option for people living in humid conditions. In this way, even the scorching sun of a hot summer day will not be able to displace the base from your scalp.

In addition to the above-mentioned aspects, ultra hold adhesive dries clear and does not lead to the discoloration of the lace base. It also does not cause the base turn yellow, which can happen with other adhesives if applied in excess. The glue is shiny and has a sharp smell. However, the smell and shine disappear after application, making the glue invisible and providing the lace base with a natural and appealing look.

Another advantage you are going to enjoy in ultra hold glue is that its removal is easy and it implies less clean up. The glue can adjust to any body chemistry. If you have a greasy scalp, it does not affect the bonding power and hold time. Similarly, if your skin sweats often, you don't need to worry that the wig will get loose all the time because of the moisture barrier that compromises the adhering power. The product is waterproof and does not allow moisture to enter its structure, weakening its adhesive properties.

How to apply ultra glue adhesive?

If you wonder how to apply this type of glue, you should know that the application is hassle-free, requiring no special skill and knowledge. All you have to do is to clean your scalp, let it dry, and apply one coat or two of glue. Let it become tacky, install the wig or hair system and enjoy an extended hold for more than 4 weeks depending on your body chemistry and hazards the product gets exposed to.

If you look for a reliable ultra hold glue, you can choose the Walker Tape Ultra Hold provided by which you can find here. Lavivid is a dedicated online supplier of hair systems of any type, as well as hair system replacement and maintenance. You get the opportunity to enjoy a wide range of accessories, from tapes and solvents to scalp protectors and conditioners, with which you can ensure the durability and attractiveness of your wig.


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