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The Reasons of Wigs for Seniors Are so Popular

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Wigs for seniors are a growing trend nowadays. Seniors choose to fight hair loss in a variety of innovative methods. And one of them is covering the scalp with a hair system. In this article, we will introduce you to hair systems for the elderly, explaining why they are so popular and offer some tips on choosing a piece for your aged dear one. 

Why seniors choose to wear wigs?

Hair loss is an inevitable event that happens to everyone. Some people go totally bald, others are lucky enough to lose only some fibers of hair, preserving their hairstyle almost intact. Usually, women are less susceptible to hair loss caused by age. The majority of them enjoy their head of hair even in their 70's. When it comes to men, most of them have to part with their hair as they turn old. This condition is called pattern hair loss. It happens even to healthy people who have never experienced any scalp problems.

Generally speaking, society doesn't consider baldness a flaw. Sometimes it is even referred to as one of the hottest hairstyles, although no hair is there on the scalp. However, many seniors who had hair on head in their youth and in their 40's feel uncomfortable with their new bald appearance. While having lived so much with hair, they go now through a shock and can't accept their new look. It's just a psychological thing, a dramatic change that they can't get over.

Thus, some seniors choose to wear a wig to alleviate the shock and return to the hairstyle that they were used to in the past. Wearing a wig helps them recover their confidence and raise their self-esteem. Another reason the elderly choose a wig is their desire to be fashionable. While facial features are not so attractive as they used to be 30-40 years ago, seniors choose to compensate for their wrinkles with a stunning and vibrant wig that makes them look young and fresh.

After all, at the third stage of their life cycle, people would be eager to try new things and enjoy their life to the fullest. So why not wearing a stylish hairpiece to get a new vibe and lift your spirits.

How wigs for seniors differ from traditional wigs?

Well, actually there is not much difference between wigs for the elderly and for young people. They are basically the same thing, which means that most of the time seniors have access to the wide variety of hair systems available on the market. It may be a little tricky with the color spectrum. While some seniors prefer colors like black and brown to look younger, others do not give up on the typical color for their age, gray.

Finding a gray wig is not an easy task. You need to look for stores in your area that provide wigs for elderly people. Luckily, the growing popularity of this type of wig makes more and more shops to complete their collection with gray hair systems.

What to look for when choosing a hair system for seniors?

There are also some aspects that you have to look for when choosing a wig for a senior. As people get older, their scalp gets sensitive being less nourished and producing less natural oils for moisturizing and protection. That's why it is recommended to buy a wig with a tender base that would not harm the scalp. A good choice may be French lace or Swish lace which are delicate and smooth on the touch.

Also, you should look for lighter hair systems that are not a burden for senior wearers. It's well known that the body of the elderly is weak and gets tired fast. This is why you need to buy a light wig to prevent tiredness and allow the wearer to enjoy the wig longer without removing it.

All in all, wigs for seniors do not differ much from traditional wigs. They are just wigs that seniors wear to fight their pattern baldness and look more fashionable. They can be of any color, including brown, black, copper and of course gray along with its shades: silver, platinum, ash gray and more. When buying a hairpiece for the elderly, it is recommended to look for a lace base that is more tender on the touch and lighter, preventing the wearer from getting tired during a permanent use.  


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