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How to Choose between Hair Replacement Systems And Medications

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Hair loss, thinning hair, and baldness can affect people of all ages. It could start as early as your teenage years and your twenties as well. Some people cannot even imagine what a traumatic experience it must be, but it is way more common than we like it to be. A lot of people cannot even think about going bald even when they're old, but the truth is, almost 70% of the men around the world experience some kind of hair related issues at least once in their life. 

Even though facing the reality that you are losing your hair might be extremely hard for some people, but the earlier you acknowledge it, the easier it is to find the best ways to deal with it. Sometimes you can put a stop to hair fall by making minute adjustments to your lifestyle, such as changing your diet, using a different shampoo, or even just fixing your routine. Still, whatever the reason is, the first that you need to find out is why you are losing hair.

It is now quite obvious that there is no permanent solution for hair loss available in the market right now, and there is nothing that will grow your hair back; by knowing the underlying reason, you can at least take preventative measures that might prolong the remaining time that you have left with your hair. However, if the reason behind your hair loss is alopecia, it might be trickier to prevent baldness in the long run.

A huge number of people have shown their genuine interest in nonsurgical hair replacement systems because this treatment for hair loss is the only procedure that will instantly give you a head full of hair without any side effects and is bound to work for anyone who goes for it.


Why Some People Go Towards Medication:

In this rapidly developing age of social media and media exposure, advertisement and marketing play a huge role in changing people's minds. Some medication for men's hair loss companies took advantage of this phenomenon and marketed their products as a solution for hair loss. They keep from people because these medicines and serums only work until you keep using them, and on top of that, they carry with them countless side effects.

Some people get allergic reactions, while others notice a change in hormonal activity. Nonetheless, these medicines are not a permanent solution and can surely take a long time to even start working. On the contrary, there is only one solution that will require you to invest in it only once, and you are good to go for at least 12 to 15 months! 

What Is Even Better Than Medications For Hair Loss?

The fashion industry trends have changed dramatically, and now people living ordinary lives are also expected to look their best at all times by society. As unfair as this is, it is a bitter truth that we have to accept.

Hair replacement systems are the exact solution that would make you stand out and make you look the best you have ever looked. While medications will only prolong the time frame, hair systems will give you instant results with literally no side effects! 

What Does A Hair System Do for You? 

Thinning hair and hair deficiency are among the most prevalent men's problems. Not only middle-aged males but some males, sometimes in their twenties, worry about these things. Wigs for men are an excellent remedy for men dealing with hair loss and baldness.  The absence of healthy hair can do substantial damage to their sanity and lower their confidence.

Nonsurgical hair between systems is not just used to conceal baldness, but it is also used to help you regain your confidence and boost your self-esteem so that you can feel more comfortable in your lifestyle. So, if you are looking for a procedure that will regain your confidence in a heartbeat, there is nothing better than going for a wig or toupee. The best part is that these hair pieces let you choose from a huge variety of different manufacturers, and you can easily find the one that compliments your lifestyle in the best way possible.

Guarantees Results

With hair transplants and medications, the biggest complication is the fact of how it might fail to give you the expected result even though the procedure can be awfully expensive.

Hairpieces are absolute in providing results. And not only that, if you are satisfied with how you look, you can simply style it differently or just get another wig or toupee that suits you better.

Zero Side Effects

A surgical procedure is going to have side effects, but even with medicines, a lot of things can go wrong. Sometimes these medicines might give you a rash, while other times, it might trigger some kind of allergic reaction. There is no guarantee that your body will accept a certain medicine, and even if it does, you never know how long it will keep working. On the other hand, hair systems have zero side effects and do not involve any invasive procedure.

If you are tired of looking for medication for men's hair loss, then Lavivid has the perfect solution for you! Just go to and scroll through our wide range of comfortable and outstanding hair systems that are bound to make you feel handsome and confident.


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