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Will Vitamin B Have An Effect on Hair Loss?

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When it comes to will vitamin B help with hair loss, we may think that many people will give some advice to avoid hair loss like eating more vegetables because of its rich vitamin B. What’s the relationship between vitamin B and hair loss? Will it helps to restrain hair loss?

1. The relationship between vitamin B and hair loss

Vitamin deficiency is not the main cause of hair loss, but it is a major factor that affects hair loss. Vitamin B is a complex group of vitamins that contain many metabolic-related compounds. In the vitamin B complex, riboflavin (vitamin B2), niacin (vitamin B3), vitamin B6, biotin (vitamin H/vitamin B7), folic acid (vitamin B9), and vitamin B12 were all associated with hair loss. 

Vitamin B family is a large family and it is closely related to hair growth, which plays an important part in maintaining hair and skin health. Vitamin B family can participate in the body's sugar, protein, and fat metabolism. Lacking vitamin B will affect the synthesis of protein, directly causing hair growth disorders. So to ensure physical and mental health and healthy hair growth is based on the intake of adequate vitamin B family. 

Studies have shown that vitamin B in the 0.1% to 1.0% concentration range can improve the blood circulation speed in the skin vessels. This can achieve moisturizing hair and healthier hair follicles.   

2. Will vitamin B help with hair loss in different types?

Different kinds of vitamin B have different effects. Vitamin H is biotin, also known as vitamin B7, its deficiency will cause biological hair removal, dermatitis, and so on. Vitamin B12, also known as cobalamin, is an essential vitamin used by the body for DNA replication, a basic process necessary for healthy hair and skin. Niacin is the largest b vitamin in the body, its deficiency may cause diffuse hair loss, as well as dermatitis and other skin diseases. Vitamin B6 helps hair grow healthily and grows it again. It is mainly from cereals, eggs, lean meat, and so on. In a nutshell, vitamin B can help with hair loss.


3. Will vitamin B help with hair loss because of androgen factors?

If you're androgenic hair loss, vitamin B doesn't do much for hair loss treatment. The root cause of androgen hair loss is genetic and needs to be improved by taking prescription medication or hair transplantation. So when it comes to androgen hair loss, will vitamin B help with hair loss? The answer is an absolute NO. 

4. The applicable type of vitamin B can help with hair loss:

Although vitamins can not control androgenic hair loss, this does not mean that vitamins have no effect on hair loss, serious vitamin deficiency will be bad for our hair, such as dry hair, scalp inflammation, and other issues. So in hair loss treatment, there will be vitamin supplementation to supplement the conditioning situation.

1). The early days of male detachment

Hair loss in the early stage of male hair loss is not obvious, mainly focusing on the greasy scalp and thinning and soft hair. If our body lacks vitamins, it will speed up the process of poor hair quality. At this time, some vitamin B groups can be supplemented appropriately to alleviate the acceleration of male degeneration. whether taking vitamin tablets or increase the intake of fresh fruits and vegetables is very beneficial.

2). Hair loss during pregnancy

During pregnancy and post-partum periods, due to changes in hormone levels and nutrient absorption problems in women, we are prone to hair loss, and often the body is prone to fatigue and fatigue. At this time, we can properly supplement some vitamin B family, vitamin-rich fresh fruits, and vegetables. Vitamin B will also help with hair loss for pregnant mothers.

3). Nutritional hair loss

For friends who are over-dieting to lose weight, it is easy to accompany severe hair loss. Besides, people who have been picky eaters for a long time are often accompanied by withered hair that is easy to break. In this case, vitamin supplementation is necessary. It is not only to maintain the hair but more importantly, to make up for the body's normal physiological metabolism. 

In a word, hair loss is really a disgusting and frustrating issue. When we are confronted with this problem, firstly we need to find the reason why we suffer this problem. And then, prescribe the right medicine. Will vitamin help with hair loss? It is obvious that it helps, but we need to use it in a proper situation and please be careful not to overdose for a long time.


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