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If Vitamin D Have An Effect on Stopping Hair Loss?

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Will vitamin D stop hair loss? When you go to a dermatologist, presenting with a complaint of hair loss, one thing that’s going to be checked is your vitamin D levels and there is some evidence that these are associated. Why are we losing hair? What’s going on? Many people are struggling with it and may not be aware of the fact that there is a connection between vitamin D deficiency and hair loss. 

1. There is a connection between vitamin D and hair loss 

When it comes to healthy hair, we may think of it as a garden, and scalp health is like the soil. We want to make sure the soil is rich in vitamins and soil. What is Vitamin D? Will vitamin D stop hair loss? Vitamin D is a group of fat-soluble steroids that is responsible for increasing our hair absorption, basically, it is one of those vitamins that our body desperately needs and it will be an amazing aid to our body. 

Vitamin D plays an important part in our hair health and it can facilitate hair growth. As we know, keratin is the major protein in hair and nails. Because it’s such a powerful protein, it is effective at healing wounds, retaining the hydration in our skin, and strengthening our entire epidermis. Low vitamin D level has a huge impact on the keratin-producing processes and may lead to alopecia. 

2. Most of us are deficient in Vitamin D3

Will vitamin D stop hair loss? I believe you have the answer in your mind now. Vitamin D3 is one of the main forms of vitamin D and it can help stabilize abnormal scalp-related immune response. Studies have shown that after about 9 weeks of taking vitamin D3, patients can see a 45% increase in hair volume. You can tell that vitamin D can stop hair loss very quickly. When vitamin D3 level is low(<50ng/ml), it will prevent hair regrowth from other treatments and you may get an increase in hair shedding.


Statistics found that over 1.2 billion people around the world are deficient in vitamin D3 and being deficient in Vitamin D3 has a huge impact on your hair’s ability to be fortified and grow at a healthy rate. 

Some other symptoms of vitamin D deficiency are anxiety, fatigue, increased depression, or getting sick. There are a ton of vitamin D deficiency symptoms that are so kind of minor that people go unnoticed. But overall vitamin D deficiency is not the only cause of hair loss. There are so many types of hair loss that it isn’t always the case. For example, temporary hair loss usually happens after stress, a shock, or a traumatic event and it usually occurs on the top of the scalp. 

3.  adequate amounts of vitamin D stop hair loss 

When it comes to will vitamin D stop hair lossI believe you already know the close links between vitamin D deficiency and your hair shedding. Thousands of people that have vitamin D issues and we should pay attention to the intake of vitamin D in our daily life. We need to take adequate amounts of vitamin D every single day to avoid hair shedding and you don’t have too much or too little. 

Our skin is a vitamin D making machine and the major source of it in direct sunlight. Lots of people live in apartments and don’t get a lot of natural sunlight, which means that they are not getting much vitamin D naturally. However, too much sun exposure may increase your risk of skin cancer and accelerates skin aging. Just 5 to 10 minutes of sunlight every single day is enough for adults, children, and elderly people. 

Besides, we can take some foods and supplements to maintain adequate amounts of vitamin D. In the morning, you can choose egg yolk, beef liver, or oily fish, like tuna and salmon, as your breakfast. In the evening, you can have a cup of milk that is fortified with vitamin D as a supplement. There are also certain instances where evidence shows that vitamin D supplementation is beneficial to your hair growth. If your doctor tells you that you have a very low level of vitamin D, it makes sense to supplement. Anyway, healthy eating habits and regular outdoor exercise can be very helpful for you to stop hair loss.


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