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Your favorite musician- Paul Reiser wears a hairpiece?

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In this materialistic world, people are too much busy accepting and praising materialistic things. Standards of beauty and good personality have changed with time. With all these changes, people also changed themselves according to the trend. Nowadays, everyone is concerned about their appearance and is in the race to appear the best. In all these things, celebrities come first as they are the ones who do everything to look beautiful. They go through surgeries, Botox, hair transplants, etc. Everyone adopted these things but they come into the eyes of the public. People became curious when any old actress starts looking younger or any old actor showed his good quality hair. Nowadays, people have the same curiosity for the American Actor Paul Reiser. In this article, we’ll try to vanish the curiosity of readers. 

Paul Reiser

Paul Reiser is an American actor, musician, TV writer, and comedian. He appeared in the music industry during his graduation and he was interested in theatre arts. He took part in theater production during his university years. He started performing as a comedian during his summer breaks. He was into theatre arts and music since his educational period. He started his professional career in 1982 at the age of 26. Still, he is serving the entertainment industry with outstanding skills. When he became a stand-up comedian, he started working in movies too. In 1982, his first film was a coming-of-age film named Diner. He caught the attention of Hollywood as a result of his personality, his acting skills as well as his excellent performance as a stand-up comedian. He became more famous when he played the role of a detective in Beverly Hills Cop and its sequel in 1984. He starred in many movies and television series. He is very well known for his roles in the television series My Two Dads and Mad about You. He composed the theme song of the television series Mad About You and performed piano for the theme song. He received 1$ million for the final episode of Mad About You. For his outstanding performance in Mad About You, he was nominated for a Golden Globe Award and a Screen Actors Guild Award. Reiser wrote and starred in The Paul Reiser Show, a semi-autobiographical comedy series that aired on NBC as a mid-season replacement during the 2010–11 television season. Paul Reiser also starred in the famous Netflix supernatural-horror series Stranger Things as Dr. Sam Owens. He also has his own production company named “Nuance”. He was nominated for many awards most of the time due to his outstanding performance as a stand-up comedian. On Comedy Central's "100 Greatest Stand-Ups of All Time" list from 2004, Reiser is rated 77th. He has written 3 books which are couplehood, babyhood, and family hood. During his career, like all other celebrities, he focused on himself too and maintained his personality.

Paul Reiser and his hairpiece

So, the real talk begins here. As we said earlier, everyone is very conscious of their physical appearance so everyone tries hard to maintain them gracefully. For the celebrities, looks and appearance matter very much because somehow their fame is related to their personality too. So, celebrities go for artificial things like Botox, surgeries, skin treatments, hair transplants, etc. Many male celebrities, as well as females, wear hairpieces or go through hair transplants because they have to appear in front of the media. People are gossiping about Paul Reiser due to his hair. He is 66 years old yet he has better hair than many other people of his age. People are not digesting this and spreading rumors that he wears a hairpiece. People are raising many questions on social media like is it a hair transplant? Why is Paul Reiser wearing a hairpiece? and many more. For people, having good quality hair at the age of 66 sounds fake and unfamiliar. According to some people’s observation, Paul Reiser started losing his hair during working in the TV series Mad About You but when we look at his recent pictures we can see a noticeable difference. Everyone can notice this difference. It makes people curious and they start assuming that he is wearing a hairpiece. Even some people have also commented on his appearance of his. People mocked him by saying that he wears a merkin on his head. According to people, if he has to wear a hairpiece then he should wear a good hairpiece, not a lousy hairpiece that looks like fuzz on his head. Someone also said about him that “wear your baldness with dignity.” When we look closely at his pictures, we are unable to see the hairline on his head. But, there is an unnatural hairline path on his head. His hair looks too thick on the top of his head and less on the sides. Real hair does not grow like this but only hairpieces have this appearance. So, there are chances that he wears a wig. On the other hand, some people also thought that he had a hair transplant. But his hair doesn’t look like transplanted hair. His hair looks like a hairpiece but he never confirmed he wears a hairpiece. 


Everyone praises materialistic things but does not prevent themselves from pointing out these things or accepting the things when seen in someone else. This is the case with Paul Reiser. People are gossiping about him that he is hiding his baldness, and he started wearing a hairpiece. His hair is not real and looks artificial. Even though his hair growth looks unnatural and gives the appearance of a weird hairpiece. He never confirmed that he wears a hairpiece. The rumors about his hairpiece are everywhere on social media but the actor himself hasn’t paid much attention to the rumors. He never has utter a word about his hairpiece, at least for yet. People must prevent themselves from pointing out these things. It's his personal choice whether to wear a hair piece or remain bald with his natural hair.           


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