This hair replacement training e-course is created with two groups of people in mind; the individual hair system wearers who want to become a hair system master in a short time, and hairstylists who want to learn about how to apply a hair system and expand their business.

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This e-course consists of eighteen chapters, including basic knowledge about hair systems, how to prepare your head before application, how to apply the system, how to maintain it, hair products you will need, how to pick the best performing tape or glue, and much more.
  • Chapter One


    Things you can learn from this Ecourse
    Jake’s hair loss story
  • Chapter two

    Picking Your Partners (hair system distributors and hairstylists)

    Introduction of LaVivid and its factory
    LaVivid’s partner stylists
    How to find a local stylist
  • Chapter Three

    How does LaVivid Pre-cut Service work?
  • Chapter Four

    Introduction of LaVivid Hair Systems

    Hair system base
  • Chapter Five

    Finding the Right Hair System for You

    Hairstyle you want to achieve
    Hair Type
  • Chapter Six

    Psychological journey/romance/intimacy

    Psychological journey
    Learning curve
    Social aspect/intimacy
  • Chapter Seven

    Products You will Need

    Tools for making a template and cutting the base
    Bond Products
    Styling tools
    Shampoo and conditioner
    Installation and removal tools/products
    Products for styling hair
  • Chapter Eight

    How to Choose Tapes and Glues

    Liquid adhesive
  • Chapter Nine

    How to Apply Tape

    How to Apply Tape
  • Chapter Ten

    How to Apply Glue

    How to Apply Glue
  • Chapter Eleven

    How to make a Template, Prepare your Head for installation

    How to place a custom order
    How to make a template
    How to shave your head with the template
  • Chapter Twelve

    How to cut base to size

    Cut the base using a razor
    Cut the base using scissors
  • Chapter Thirteen

    How to Apply A Hair System

    How to Apply A Hair System
  • Chapter Fourteen

    How to Remove A Hair System

    How to Remove A Hair System
  • Chapter Fifteen

    How to Remove tape or glue from hair system base

    How to remove tape from the base
    How to remove glue from the base
  • Chapter Sixteen

    How to Wash and Condition your hair system

    How to Wash and Condition your hair system
  • Chapter Seventeen

    How to dry and style a hair system

    How to dry and style a hair system
  • Chapter Eighteen

    How to maintain your hair system and make your hair system last

    Avoid Friction
    Avoid tangles
    Avoid adhesive in hair
    Reinstallation frequency
    Avoid tearing
    Protect the hair color

This hair system e-course helps beginner and novice hair system wearers learn everything they need to know about hair systems. Topics covered include how to pick a suitable hair system for yourself, how to apply it, remove it, take care of it, and tips and tricks to make the hair system last. This hair replacement training e-course will save you massive dollars that you possibly would have spent on damaged hair systems because of not knowing how to handle, care for, or maintain them.

For a stylist who already knows how to cut people’s hair, after taking this hair system e-course and spending a little time practicing, you will be able to apply hair systems for your clients. After mastering this skill, you will significantly expand your business volume and revenue.

LaVivid partners with Jake Kent in making this e-course available to you. Jake Kent is a well-known hair system expert on YouTube, with tons of videos and thousands of views, who shares tips and tricks to hair system wearers all the time.

Quote Jake: "I Suffered with hairloss for most of my life. I knew it was coming, as my father was bald, and my mother suffered from alopecia. I feared the day my turn would come... and eventually it did. I tried the drugs and topical solutions, but they didnt work for me. I thought about getting surgery, but the expense was HUGE, and the results were not guaranteed. when i found hair systems, it completely changed my life. It has improved my appearance, but perhaps more importantly, it's allowed me to be the social, fun-loving man that I always knew was inside. I know they'll do the same for you."