Template/Hair Sample Pick-Up Service | Sending to Factory Side Directly



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Template/Hair Sample Pick-Up Service | Sending to Factory Side Directly

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A template represents the hair loss size and head curvature. It is very important for us to have your template on file especially if you are going to place a custom order. We use your template to copy the size and scalp curvature, so the hair system made following the template can fit your head perfectly.


How does this service work?

1.     After you purchase this service, we will send you an email with a shipping label

2.     Then please print out this shipping label

3.     Prepare your template/hair sample, and any instructions and put them in an envelope.   

4.     Then take it to a local Fedex office and drop the package.

5.     Please be sure to mark a low value of $10 for your package.

6.     This package will be sent to our factory side directly.

7.     After our factory side receives this package, our experts will check everything included in your package and then contact you to discuss the details of your custom order through email or phone calls.

8.     After all the details are settled, we will send you a payment link for the custom order. Then we will put it into production after the payment is received.

9.     This process takes around 10-15 days.


  • 1. Shave and clean the hair thinning area that needs to be covered

  • 2. Prepare your head for the installation

  • 3. Apply tape/glue

  • 4. Apply the hair system

  • 5. Cut the base to your size if necessary

  • 6. Haircut and styling