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The Guide to Customize A Frontal Hairpiece on Your Own

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For people who have receding hairline only, you don’t need a standard 8’’x10’’ size hairpiece. However, you can cut a standard 8’’x10’’ hairpiece to at least three or four pieces of frontal hairpieces to cover your receding hairline. In today’s article, I am going to show you how to cut a large hair system into small frontal hairpieces.

What You Need

Things you will need are: the standard 8’’x10’’ hair system, scissors, pen/pencil, tape and your template. It is not easy to get a frontal hairpiece in your color but it is comparatively easy to find a 8’’x10’’ size hair replacement system in your hair color. When you choose the hair system, you can choose a full thin poly base with base around 0.04mm-0.06mm. You will put it on as your front hairline, the thin poly base will give you an undetectable hairline.

Mark the area you need

It is better if you can find a mannequin head and you can pin the hair system onto it. Let the hair toupee base facing up and secure onto a mannequin head. Place your template onto the base and make sure there is no wrinkled base underneath, so you can get a matched size frontal hair system. Use the pen to draw against your template.

Cut the base following the mark

Next step would be following the mark and cut the base off. It is extremely important that when you cut the base, do use a pair of sharp scissors and cut from the very root of hair and avoid cutting hair that you still want.

Prepare for the installation

Shave your forehead and clean it. Apply scalp protector and glue or tape and apply the frontal hairpiece.

And look gorgeous again!


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